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Best place for outdoor activities for children

Hello, I am traveling through Europe with my 2 daughters & 3 grandchildren (ages 10, 11, & 12) this summer, and was given wonderful advice as to what location in Switzerland offered the best activities for young children. The best suggestion was Flumserberg because, besides the beauty of the location, it offered an alpine coaster ride (Climber) & toboggan run (Floomzer). I secured lodging & have been all set. However, yesterday I decided to check the tourist office there to make sure these activities were still available. Unfortunately, this morning I learned that they don't open until mid-June. Our arrival date is May 31 for a 3 night stay. This can't be changed, so now I'm reaching out to see if anyone might know of another location in Switzerland we can go where these or similar activities might be open at that time. We will be leaving for Salzburg after our stay in Switzerland, so any location that in relatively near that route would be totally acceptable. Thanks so much for any help/information you can give me with this.

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The website lists 27 locations for similar kid fun including the one in the town where you booked accommodation. There is a map to show the approximate location of each. You can go through the ones on your route and see if they list an earlier open season. I don’t know if the different cantons in Switzerland have different school summer holidays but this could affect why summer isn’t listed on their opening time until mid June. Or it simply could be that weather is still wintery at these elevations.

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If you find that you are in or passing by Bern I can highly recommend the Gurten - Bern's own mini-mountain (only just over 2800 feet).

I think it would fit that age group, and I think that the prices are very reasonable for Switzerland and much can be done for absolutely free.

Have a look at

It is where Bern goes to play and takes their children to play.

If you say in Bern you get a ticket for free transportation on their trams, buses, local trains, funiculars, special elevators and it it includes the funicular up the Gurten. From the main train station, for example, you take a tram (number 9 ) to a stop just 5 minutes walk uphill (not too steep but a hill) to the funicular which whisks you up a neat incline to nearly the top of the mountain where there is a dragon, summer and winter toboganing (luge) , a great playground, a miniature Swiss mountain railway with tunnels, plenty of room to run off steam, hiking trails, a great lodge with excellent refreshments at not a silly price, and views, views, views. Last time I was up there I even walked in snow in April.

It is where locals go to have local fun.

Bern also has the wild bears near the river (take a free glass elevator down to them) and pretty nice stuff. One of my favourite places is to just stand outside the violin maker shop across the bridge from the bears, next to a church. Magnificent - but perhaps the view and atmosphere at that stop is more for the adults.

Shopping in the centre of Bern is under arcades which keep out both rain and hot sunshine.

If you stay at the Holiday Inn Bern Westside (at the end of the free train line and tram line into town) you stay in a shopping centre with a smaller water park (slides, water toys, fast river through a tunnel, cave baths etc.,) which is free for guests staying at the hotel. Great breakfast at that hotel too.

The train station and tram are directly outside.

If you pay for a short train ride from there you are only a short distance from beautiful Murten with its walls and arcades and pedestrianised main street.

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Thank u so much for this information. I will definitely look into it