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Bernina Express seating chart - a few questions

I'm not sure how accurate the above link is....
but just wondering:
1. is smoking really allowed ?
2. in second class at the end of the car it's labeled HAC for handicapped seating.
it looks like there is just 1 seat and open space.

  1. in 1st class the section isn't labeled - but there appears to be no seats

  2. how accurate is this chart ?

Thanks again for all your help
I will report back after our trip and hopefully make this process easier for those that will follow.

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We did the BEX early March and I don't recall anyone smoking and I am sensitive to smoke. We (four of us) were in the end 2nd class car near seats 31/33/32/38. If anyone smoked, I'm sure I would have noticed.

The space noted as "hac" was a low two shelf luggage rack. (Because of the panorama windows, the BEX cars do not have an overhead luggage rack. The only have coat hooks between the back to back seats.) It is possible that the shelfs in the "hac" space could be folded up to accommodate a wheelchair. The "hac" space is just that, a space and as noted, during our journey filled with baggage.

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No smoking. Otherwise looks OK to me. I believe there are tables between seats on the 1st class single-seat side as well.

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Thanks again. Last question before we buy tickets. I went back to the RHB website to look at their seating chart. It is virtually the same - but missing some details.

For example in first class Coach number 2 there is empty section just opposite seat 21 or across the isle from seat 13 at the end of the car. It is unlabeled. Is this glass or a wall ?

In second class - coach # 3 - this same area has a a suitcase symbol clearly labeled.

Here are my questions if we select seats across the isle:

in first class is this section all window and not for luggage - will we be able to see the view directly across ?

In second class is this a wall or window so if we book across the isle will we see luggage or the view.