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Berner Oberland upper trails open early June and options

Hi there, after a year of planning it's almost time to go! For part of our trip my daughter and I will be in Gimmelwald from June 2-7. I'd hoped to do some or all of these hikes: Lake Oeschinen, Schynege Platta panorama hike, North Face hike and Mannlichen/Kleine Scheideg. Living in Texas where summer seems to arrive in February, it stupidly didn't occur to me that these trails may not yet be open for the season. Anyone have any knowledge of this? Of course there are plenty of good Plan B options if we can't do these, but they sound incredible and I'd love to if we can. Also at these altitudes, are we talking hats and gloves? There's wet cold and dry cold, and it sure makes a difference on clothing. Thank you all!

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The train to Schynige Platte starts running June 15th.

The Mannlichen/Kleine Scheideg trail typically opens mid June. Check here to see when it opens. There is no set date as it is weather dependent.

I’ve been checking the web cameras at Mannlichen because I leave in a couple of weeks. There is still a bit of snow up there.

The cable car does open on May 25th so you can still go up and down via the cable cars at Wengen and Grindelwald.

June is still a couple weeks away, but it has been looking cooler than when I went in June two years ago. I’ll be brining my hat and gloves. And long underwear!!

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We often start out in gloves and puffy jacket in the morning and peel of layers as the day warms. This happens even in September. Always wear a hat. The sun at altitude is intense.

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Schynige Platte is definitely not an option but you should be able to do the North Face hike counterclockwise from Allmendhubel. You can also walk from Murren to Gimmelwald, Gimmelwald to Chilchbalm, Kleine Scheidegg to Wengernalp, the Mountain View trail from Allmendhubel to Grutschalp or Winteregg, the Lauterbrunnen Valley and possibly Oeschinensee (that one I haven't looked at a recent status update on, but I know they had an avalanche/rock slide death there a couple weeks ago, so unsure how great it's going to be in a couple weeks).

You could also do the stunning and a bit more challenging hike from Gimmelwald to Rotstockhutte or from Murren to Rotstockhutte. They open June 1st. Obersteinberg/Tanzbodeli from Gimmelwald also opens June 1st I believe. That one is harder than Rotstockhutte, so you'd need to be okay with some decent uphill.