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Bellinzona to Zurich

we are spending two days in Bellinzona Switzerland for photography of the surrounding area between 30th May to 1st June 2015. We are also interested in swimming in public bath. Any suggestions for these activities in this area? we are travelling by car.

From there we would go towards Zurich to catch flight back home (on 4th June 9am). we have still three day and nights before we catch our flight. What would we do for these last three days? we would like to remain in vicinity of Zurich on 3rd June.
our interest is photography, walking and swimming.
Please give suggestions including place/s where we should stay.

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Per your other post, here is a good solution. Since you have a car, there is a natural hot springs resort with outdoor pool in Andeer, which is a just a couple of hours from Bellinzona over the San Bernardino Pass on the E43 highway. Not far from Andeer is the Landwasser Viaduct. Car access is by local roads to a spot below it, although I'm just looking at a map. Might require a bit of hiking to get a good shot. Late afternoon to get good illumination from the sun.
You might also try taking a shot by riding the train from Thusis to Filisur and back. Take a local train, sit on the right side window and open it to get a good shot on the way to Filisur (just before the station), and on the left side on the way back just after you exit the tunnel.
This is all on the way to Zurich from Bellinzona.
I know there is a big outdoor water park called Alpamare in Pfaffikon which is near Zurich.