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Before Best of Switzerland Tour

If we take this tour, thinking about staying two days is Zurich before taking the train to Luzern. Is there enough to see in the Capitol before going to Luzern? Trying to figure out how many vacation days I need to take from work since this tour starts on a Monday. Once it is done in Bern, probably will want to get on a plane and get home. Thanks for any suggestions. We have been on three RS tours and will continue to do so as long as I am breathing.

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Just to set the record straight, Bern is the capital of Switzerland not Zurich. Two days is more than enough to see Zurich in my opinion. It is a major financial center. If you expect to see mountain vistas in Zurich, you will be disappointed. Of the two cities, Bern is far more interesting. I would rather spend an extra day in Bern than Zurich.

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If you are committed to going a couple of days early, I would aim for flexibility. It may sound crazy, but if the weather forecast were good when I got to Zurich, I would head for Lauterbrunnen or higher up. I know the tour will be visiting Murren, but I would want two chances at good weather in the Berner Oberland.

Hoping to take my own advice next July. I've been to the BO three times so far and there's nothing better than nice day in the Swiss Alps.

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Hi Tim, we just returned from the Best of Switzerland tour. We flew in to Zurich and took the train to Lucerne. We spent an extra night at the "tour" hotel and found that there was plenty to do there. We had most of the day on Sunday and Monday until 5 p.m. to explore Lucerne. At the end of the tour we spent 12 nights in France. Nice trip.