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Basil train station to airport connection

Has anyone travelled from the Basil train station to the airport? I start my journey in Bern to Basil by train. I need to get from the Basil train station to Basil airport by 10:00. Is there a station in Basil that's best for connecting to the airport? My idea was to try to catch a bus from train station to airport. Is it better to just catch a taxi? Suggestions? Advice? Thanks.

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If you are coming from Bern, you will arrive at Basel SBB station. Walk straight out the front entrance of the station and look left, you will see a green No. 50 bus with destination "Euroairport". Bus leaves every 7½ minutes (8 per hour) direct to airport departures, takes ~15 minutes.
If you are buying a ticket from Bern, you can get a ticket direct to the airport, if you have a pass the bus is included. Otherwise you have to buy a ticket from the ticket machine at the bus stop, cost CHF 4.40 for 2 zones. The driver does not sell tickets.

Click here for a view of the front of the station, you can see a green No. 50 bus on the right.

Do not get a taxi, that will cost CHF ~40 !!!