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Rick doesn't even mention it in his book! I'm sure there must be something to see there. It's where we get on our Rhine River cruise, so the end point of our Switzerland tour. Easy train connection from Bern?

All the Swiss train info in the guidebook is daunting! Feels like a college research project!

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There has been quite a lot written here about Basel, a particularly nice city in my opinion.

At the top of the page is the search area, type Basel, check Forum, limit the results to a year or 6 months and there will be plenty.

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Yes, Basel is a lovely city, lovely old town, cathedral, museums, lots to do.
Just one photo to whet your appetite:
For more info and hotels see: (official website).

"Easy train connection from Bern?" - anywhere in Switzerland is an easy turn-up-and-go train connection from anywhere else in Switzerland. Basel to Bern is a 2 trains per hour, journey time just over an hour.

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Love Basel! Clean and historic. Have no idea why Rick ignores it. Plenty to see and do. My daughter lives nearby and we love visiting. Check Lonely Planet, I believe it gives Basel it's due...