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Based on my itinerary, should I buy the Swiss Half Fare Card or the Regional Bernese Oberland Pass?

Based on my itinerary and the travel costs from the SBB website, should I buy the Swiss Half Fare Card, the Regional Bernese Oberland Pass, and/or the Saver Day Pass? I will be based in Murren.

Day 1: Stein am Rhein to Murren: 106.80 CHF
Day 2: Schilthorn: CHF 82.60
Day 3: Männlichen-Kleine Scheidegg Trail: CHF 83.00
Day 4: North Face Trail: No transport required from Murren
Day 5: First to Schynige Platte trail: CHF ~87.00
Day 6: Murren to the Dolomites (arrive the same day, potentially scenic route)

The Regional Bernese Oberland Pass looks like it fully covers my travel to and from my hikes, so this might be the go. But then I also think the other two passes will save me money for my Day 1 and 6 trips.

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this question has been asked in another post ... better to keep it all together in one thread than spreading the questions around with each iteration. Easier for the poster, easier for the people answering.

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Hi there, I have deleted the other post. I created this one after learning about the Bernese Oberland Pass.

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Yes, I have the same question though different itinerary.
Day 1 Zurich to Lauterbrunnen
Days 2, 3, 4, Lauterbrunnen area (want to investigate the area, maybe Murren, Wengen, Grindelwald)
day 5 Lauterbrunnen to Lucerne

I cannot figure out which I should buy because I am confused with the Overland Pass. I am not sure if I only get a discount for the train back to Lucerne or if I get it for free.

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Here's a link to the MySwissAlps website. Scroll down to "Example Excel Spreadsheet" and click on the download link shown there. This will give you a worksheet that will exactly calculate the costs of the various pass options for your particular itinerary.

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Here is a map of validity for the Berner Oberland Regional Pass:

Travel between Luzern and Mürren is fully covered. But for the OP coming from Stein am Rhein, he will have to pay the fare from there to either Luzern or Bern where the pass coverage kicks in.

Note that the BO Pass only covers half the cost of the Schilthorn ride. A Swiss Pass or Flex Pass will cover that ride fully.