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Baggage concerns

Ok y’all, maybe my last post before we get to Europe next Tuesday…

We’re flying Iceland Air and want to fit most of our stuff in our carry-ons and personal items. However, thinking about the fact that we may want to bring souvenirs home (I.e wine from Colmar, chocolate, cheese, etc.), I was considering checking a separate bag. Has anyone done this? Worth it in your mind?

Also, for those with a knowledge of Swiss lodging, how amenable are places to holding baggage if there’s time between checkout and our next spot or if we arrive early? Should I expect that not to work and rely on lockers at train stations? How big/expensive are said lockers?

Thanks in advance :)

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We always pack a soft side, folding bag about the size of a book bag. You can stuff a lot of dirty clothes into that bag as carry on and your souvenirs into the checked luggage. I would not bring an empty suitcase. There are some restrictions on what food items you can bring back to the US through customs. Bring wine is a different issue because of size so there are special bags that you may wan to use for the wine. We were successful returning wine for several trips till the one time we were not. Then we wore a lot of pink underwear and socks as a reminder of that trip.

All the places we had stayed in could handle storage luggage for the day. Common request. Is not always in a secured area but never had any problems. Most train stations -- but not all - will have some provision for storage luggage -- either lockers or a live person. Does tend to be a little expensive.

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My Carry on is expandable, so I carry on there and expand to hold all my goodies on the way home and check that in. We have also purchased a cheapish duffle in our last city and packed that bag with dirty clothes and check in the duffle bag and then used our carry on to pack our souvenirs to keep safe with us.

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We do what Frank said: pack an empty duffle bag in my carryon on the way over. Check it or your carryon full of dirty clothes and liquid souvenirs on the way back. Or alternately, you can buy a cheap piece of luggage over there, for checking on the way back.