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Aug.18-Aug.28 Via Milan, Lugano, Lucerne, Lauterbrunnen (top of Jungfraujoch), Bern, Zofingen

can someone help me kindly with suggestions on how i should arrange transportation throughout my trip.
Aug.19: train from Malpensa Airport Milan to downtown Milan. (Idea Hotel Milano Corso Genova) depart @around 11:30am
Aug.20: train from Milan to Lugano depart @around 11:00am
...then From Lugano to Lucerne depart @around 3:00pm
Aug.21: train from Lucerne to Lauterbrunnen depart @around 10:00am
and aproximate cost to be able to see the Jungfraujoch that afternoon
Aug.22 train from Lauterbrunnen to Bern depart @around 3:00pm
Aug.23train from Bern to Zofingen depart @around 3:00pm
in Zofingen i will be staying with friends until the 28th

what i would like to know is if i should purchase the swiss pass? or should i pay for each train ride individually to save money? the swiss pass is quite expensive. Any ideas on the fare prices on each of my trains?

also, when i arrive in Zofingen on the 23rd, i would like to know if it is worth my time and resources to venture toward Zurich on the 27th and possibly spend my last night there, for i will be flying out of Zurich on the 28th...

what say you?

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I'll tell you where you can get your fare information or (both take you to the same place, click "EN" in the upper right hand area to switch to English in - remember to uncheck that you have a discount to get the real price.

I'll let you plug each journey in.

Can you rejig your times a bit? Arriving in Lauterbrunnen and then up the hill is asking to run into the clouds which tend to bubble up in the middle of the day, and they tend to run right up the mountains and make afternoon visits to Jungfraujoch dodgier that morning ones.

It is always critical to watch the summit TV at the bottom of the hill before heading up.

Unless you have a need to be in Bern, I would trade a night there for an extra night in the Berner Oberland.