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Arth-Goldau Train Station

After spending two nights in Lucerne, we will be taking the train to Milan, then on to Florence. After leaving Lucerne, there is a change of trains in Arth-Goldau, arriving at 10:11, and departing for Milan at 10:17. Six minutes. I know the phrase 'accurate as a Swiss watch', but I need to know from someone who's experienced this change whether it's doable. I have to think it's a small station & hopefully the next train is directly across the platform. Thanks!

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Don't panic, this is doable in virtually all Swiss stations except the very largest, for example even Zürich HB has a minimum time of 10 minutes, and that is the largest station in Switzerland!
In the case of Arth-Goldau, the two trains come in on opposite sides of the same platform.
Click here for a station plan. The train from Luzern comes in on platform 5, the train to Milan on platform 4 (the Milan train is coming from Zürich). They then wait for the passengers to cross over, and off it goes.

I found a photo on the internet, click here. The goods train is sitting where the Luzern train stops, the Milan train is on the curving line to the right.