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Around Lac Leman in June...then more

We're planning to be in/around this area in mid to late June for a three day weekend, one couple meeting up with another that will be coming from the Albertville area. We're flying in to Geneva or Zurich from the US.
1. Is Zurich worth a day or so prior, then train down to the lake area?
2. Montreux vs. Geneva? Our friends in Albertville are working on their French; we should be, but won't be any good by then.
3. Friends have a car and can meet us/pick us up wherever.
4. After the weekend, friends head back to Albertville, and we plan to work our way into Venice over the next week. Total for trip, nine days.
5. Car or train to Venice?
6. I'm thinking while in Alps, see Alps.
Any suggestions? I'm in the early planning stages and need to get our overseas flights figured out.
Thanks so much! My first post! This site looks terrific.

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When you say lake area, do you mean Lake Geneva?
If you are staying in this area, flying in and out of Geneva is much easier than Zurich. The trains run directly to/from the airport.
Travel by pubic transport is very easy. The biggest challenge with a car is parking - not always easy to find and can be expensive.
Geneva and Montreux are both worthwhile as well as Lausanne and Vevey. Geneva and Lausanne are cities, Montreux and Vevey are not. You will find it easy to get almost anywhere from any of these locations. If you are wanting to stay closer to France, Geneva is on the border.
I don't have an opinion on how to get to Venice, but easy jet is an option from Geneva as well.
So much to see throughout the area. Most popular is Chateau Chillon, but the Unesco Terrace Vineyards is a personal favorite if you enjoy walking. Definitely take a boat ride on Lake Geneva.
You can find what else may interest you on the tourism site link below.

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Thank you! This is very helpful. We'll skip adding Zurich and fly straight in to Geneva. I'm looking forward to the northern side of Lake Geneva. Would it be worth trying to squeeze Fribourg in, or will the other towns and cities bordering the lake give us enough sense of the place?

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The Canton of Vaud is very large - you'll not have enough time to see it all. If you have time, take the boat around the lake and get off for a couple of hours in Yvoire, France. It's a very charming and historic port town in France. It doesn't take long to get there and you can spend a few hours and return.