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Appenzell Town, Switzerland

This is my first post, I have many questions but will stick to my Appenzell concern. I am traveling with two other women, all of us in our mid sixties, we will not have a car. I have read much about Appenzell being the most traditional town. We have secured a reservation for Sept 15th (Wed) and they have a concert on Thursday night. I can't figure out the transportation issue and is it worth the effort. We would be leaving Appenzell after the concert and making it (somehow) to Lucerne). The local on demand bus stops running at 7p.m.

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As with most places in Switzerland, Appenzell has good transportation links so it's not hard to get there. However, seeing a concert and then travelling to Lucerne is not the best idea (IMO). As I recall, the concerts may not end until about 21:00, which means you wouldn't be arriving in Lucerne until almost midnight. You might consider staying in Appenzell another night and travelling to Lucerne the morning after the concert.

Where will you be prior to visiting Appenzell? Travel by train is the easiest and quickest method, and you can see all the rail solutions on the website.....

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September 15 is a Thursday, not a Wednesday, I'm afraid.

Do you know when the concert finishes, and how far the concert location is from the train station?

The last reasonable train connection to Luzern is at 8pm (20:00), making 2 changes - Gossau and Zürich Hbf - and arriving in Luzern at 10:49 pm (22:49).

The last possible connection is an hour later but involves a nominal 5 minute walk in St Gallen from a bus that you have to take from Appenzell, and you only have 5 minutes to get to that train at St Gallen, and then a train change at Zürich Hbf (only 11 minutes) and you get to Luzern at 11 minutes before midnight.

I don't know which bus you are referring to when you say, "The local on demand bus stops running at 7p.m.". On demand where? To where? The concert?

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thanks for help. We will be traveling from Zurich to Appenzell. Good to hear that transport to the town is not difficult, this will be early in our trip (2nd day) so we may not be too good yet at reading timetables and making connections but after 15 days I expect to get good. The on demand bus does not circulate regularly but rather is scheduled on demand by a phone call. None of us were planning on having a phone but maybe need to rethink this.