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Any Hotels with Infinity Pools in the B-O?

Hi, I am going back to Switzerland next month and am taking some newbies with me. One of the couples would like to know if any of the hotels in the B-O have Infinity Pools with fabulous views over the Alps. I can't find anything via my Google searches. Do any of you know?

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have a look in the Engadin, but not the Berner Oberland if that's what you mean... and what you want

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Er, I don't even remember seeing one with an outdoor pool. That doesn't mean that they don't exist, but pool time is not usually the main draw of this area. I would focus on getting a room with a balcony and fabulous view over worrying about infinity pool.

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I did see an ad for what the poster describes, but it wasn't in the BO. I'll see if I can find it.

The poolsI have seen in Switzerland are usually public pools, like the Sportscenter in Murren or the heated outdoor pool complex in Pontressina . Seems the Swiss like swimming in their rivers in the summer.
Good luck !

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I think that it, but obviously not the BO. I just did a search , out of curiosity, for infinity pools in Switzerland, and there are about a dozen, but not in the BO. But, they are beautiful!

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Thanks that Berner Oberland has been mentioned. I had no idea what it was about.
The american habit of abbreviating almost everything is really strange for a German.

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If you google image "Switzerland infinity pool", the main result is Hotel Villa Honegg, which is not in the BO but above Lake Lucerne. This is the most Instagramed pool in Switzerland, so may be what your friend is thinking of.

The pool at the spa at Rigi (Rigi Kaltbad) is NOT an infinity pool. It is a very nice pool with lovely views. I swam in it (well, paddled, really), in December and enjoyed the snowy Alps with the lake below covered in fog. Magical. But not an infinity pool.

I know someone who was a manager for years at the Hotel Villa Honegg, Ennetburgen. This is a boutique hotel that caters to the uber wealthy. You can get a day pass for the pool and spa for 100-120 CHF, so if your friend wants to play Paris Hilton for a day they can (my friend had to be Hilton's personal hotel assistant when she helicoptered up there for a photoshoot). The spa offerings are very limited compared to other spas in Switzerland. No photography or drones allowed, but smartphones are okay.

In comparison, the lovely spa on Mnt Rigi offers much more, and the day fee is 41 CHF. So it really depends on how much that photo on Insta is worth. Also, I know an even nicer spa right in Luzern itself, which is about 45 CHF a day. But not an Instagram spa and definitely no infinity pool.

Anyway, my friend finally quit Hotel Villa Honegg because she was tired of the bad behavior of billionaires, and she said they were attracting too many rude Russian oligarchs who thought rules didn't apply too them. So consider that in the 120 CHF Insta photo too :-D

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Thank you ALL - we are going to spend a couple of nights at Rigi Kaltbad a couple of days before we fly out of Zurich as it gets good reviews and we want no part of the "billionair's club!" I really appreciate the quick responses!

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Good choice!

We really enjoyed a night at Rigi Kaltbad about 15 years ago, before the spa pool existed. We stayed at Hotel Alpina and found a friendly welcome there, as well as beautiful views over the lake and mountains on the other side. We went for an evening stroll and found the little “town” to be very friendly, with no other American tourists. Locals we met on the street stopped to chat with us (my adult kids both speak good German).

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Mignon, i hear you. It can be annoying to me too.

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Not quite in the heart of Berner Oberland, but the Cambrian Hotel in Adelboden has such a pool.
However, if your travel partners want to stay in top-notch hotels with amazing mountain views, they should aim for the Dolomites at some point. There, you'd have plenty of options: Forestis, Hubertus, Tesitin to name just a few.