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Another Rail Pass Question

Hi All,
We will be traveling to Switzerland next week taking the train from Zurich Airport to Wengen. We are staying in Wengen for 8 nights and have purchased the Bernese Oberland Regional for those 8 days as we will be using all local transport. Our Regional Pass also covers the Lucerne to Wengen portion of the trip from the airport. However, after that, we will be in Lucerne for 3 nights/2 days. During our time there , if weather cooperates, we would like to take a trip to Mt. Rigi and Stanserhorn as well as a boat on Lake Lucerne. These are all rather pricey trips and then we will also be returning to Zurich from Lucerne. I didn't think we should get a 2 Day Tell Pass for $178 CHF as if the weather isn't good, we will probably not be taking the mountain trips but then that leaves me without any discount at all. Any feedback is appreciated as to what to do. Thanks for all your help

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have purchased the Bernese Oberland Regional for those 8 days

Seems like you may have jumped the gun on this purchase. You could have gotten Half Fare Cards that would cover everything else plus a discount on the 8-day B-O Pass. That would have knocked 85 CHF off the cost of the 8-day pass, just about covering its 120 CHF cost.

Sometimes it is cheaper to just pay full price than buy passes. People assume they are getting a "good deal" with passes, but in the end, they actually pay more money than just pay-as-you-go. The reason, of course, is that they already spent the money for the pass, so now everything seems cheap. Switzerland is a place where no matter what you do, your spending a lot of money on transportation, whether it is a pass, or a Half Fare Card, or nothing.