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Another question on Swiss travel passes

Since we'll be in Switzerland for about 2 weeks in june, but mainly travelling by car(unless prohibited like in some cities), I'm wondering about a pass purchase for cable cars. I've quickly calculated and they go up fast.
A quick calculation of the different cable cars I want to take in a period of 2 weeks brings me to about 900 Swiss franc
The Swiss have price pass mentions 50% on most cable cars, but it's not that clear.
The swiss pass gives also 50% on cable cars but free travel by train(which should be minimal for me)

From your experiences, what do you think is the best option to save the most on cable car rides? (I tend to think it's the half price one, but not sure)
Thanks so much

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You're going about it the right way - figure out what you'll be doing, and the cost, and compare the discounts with the various passes. (Make sure you factor in that some of the passes have limits on how often you can use them within the covered period.) We used the half-fare pass for two two-week trips, in 2016 and 2018, and it saved a lot - trains, boat rides, cable cars, etc. I don't think we took any cable cars, funiculars, or any other transport not covered by the half-fare discount. We weren't going to be taking enough trains to justify the cost of the free travel pass.