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And now a quick note from Interlaken

Hello all, sitting in room 6 of Sunny Days B&B in Interlaken looking out toward the Jung Frau - but sadly it's raining so it's gray and rainy - but not to worry the weather was glorious yesterday when we went up the cable cars to Muerren and Gimmelwald.

It was almost impossible to walk through Gimmelwald and Muerren - every 6 steps I had to turn a new direction and snap a picture, extraordinary! And it's probably a good thing that we have a day off - ONE of us was doing a LOT of huffing and puffing walking down from Muerren to Gimmelwald... Oh - the folks at the hostel in Gimmelwald told us that Mr. Steves had been in town literally the day before. Missed him by --- that much. :-)

Thanks to the advice of the folks on this board we bought our vignette at a gas station up the autobahn in Germany and sailed through the border crossing at Basel without even stopping - thanks again Nigel. And it's the first day of rain we have had since we landed in Frankfurt last Friday. So my advice - stay at a location for at least 3 days - just in case the weather takes a day away from you.

Off to Fruehstuck! Bye, bye.

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"So my advice - stay at a location for at least 3 days" For the Alps, excellent advice!

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Update - another piece of advice about the Lauterbrunnen valley - if you don't like the weather wait a couple of hours. The weather comes and the weather goes fast here apparently.

It cleared up beautifully after we visited the Trummelbach Falls - so off we went to the Schilthorn - made it all the way up, had lunch took pictures like mad, etc. Fantastic, almost unbelievable views.

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The hostel in Gimmelwald serves an excellent pizza along with good local beer by the way. After walking down from Muerren I needed some R&R :-)

Sitting on the outdoor deck at the hostel, talking with other travelers, having a beer/pizza and simply looking around at the surroundings was easily as memorable as going up to the top of the Schilthorn. It's clear why people love the place.