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Alps in Early April

My daughter got a $400 airfare to Zurich April 8-15. I decided to join her. I have been to Switzerland but only in the summer. I would like her to experience the Alps. I was thinking about 3 nights in the Bernard Oberland in Murren and 3 nights in Bern or Lausanne. I have been reading some about what the Alps is like that time of the year and wondering if we will have a good time given the weather and time of year.

Should we skip the Alps and stay in the foothills?

Thanks for commenting

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What would you like to do in the Alps in April and what have you been reading about the weather that gives you concerns? I don't have experience during that time frame either but it is a mountain region and the conditions can really vary depending on the amount of snowfall and how soon it starts warming up which is a little different every year. I have heard that May can be a little muddy but not sure about April. FYI - trying to bump the post for some visibility to get more replies. :)

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I am sure my daughter would like to go hiking or biking. I am most interested in just seeing the Alps and hope that my daughter can see them. I do not plan on bring boots because I have a month long France trip after the week Switzerland trip. I do not tpeant to carry boots around nor do I want to carry a heavy coat around. I also read about mud and cow fertilizer put on the fields and the fertilizer raining on to sidewalks and hiking trails,

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Most of the tourist infrastructure in the Alps closes. And as soon as the snow pack retreats, the farmers use the opportunity to spray liquified manure over the pastures...and yes, you are correct, when it rains, the manure can run onto the trails and pavement. If mud, slush, manure, rain and fog are your idea of Alpine bliss, then go for it. Maybe play it by ear, and if you have a day with good weather, give it a go as a daytrip from somewhere elese. Don't expect to hike anywhere but in the valley, however. Or, you could consider a hike in the Swiss Jura mountains, which ate much lower, but mostly snow-free by that time.

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Switzerland is a small country and you can easily take the train to see many different areas. We live nearby Lausanne and have had some unusually warm weather, so you never know, it could be a heat wave in April. It's more likely you'll have a mix of nice days and some rain. Since you mentioned Lausanne, here's a link to the attractions and events in the area. My personal favorite is the Unesco Lavaux Vineyard Terraces. Breathtaking views, charming towns. There are many other sights to see depending on your interests and you'll find some links below.