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Airport'Transportation advice

Hello. We are in the beginning stages of planning a trip to Europe this summer and need info. regarding two questions.

  1. What are the options (train, air, etc.) to get from Paris to Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland?

  2. We want to fly back to the US from Switzerland rather than Paris since we plan to finish our trip in Lauterbrunnen, so which airport would we need to fly home from? It looks like Bern?? I'm not sure what to search for when I'm checking for airfare.

Thanks for any info. you can give.

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You should check schedules. Use any airline search engine to see if flights are available and general price. Second go to to check rail schedules. My guess is that you would want to use the train but with out checking schedules I have no idea. Flying open jaw or multi-cities will generally save lots time and some money.

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You're going to first have to get out of Lauterbrunnen by train to find an international airport. The mountainous part of Switzerland is not easily reached by direct flights from the U.S.
From Geneva, you can get back to NYC--JFK on Swiss International Airlines and to Washington--Dulles and Newark on United AIrlines.
Flights out of Zurich are not much better. Sorry.

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Play around with It will show you all of the possible transport options from point A to point B just about anywhere in the world!

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From and to my home airport Zurich is usually a lot cheaper than Geneva, but it may be different for you.

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C.M. you said

I'm not sure what to search for when I'm checking for airfare.

Well, you have to decide what is more important to you: lowest possible fare, most comfortable service, non-stop flights or fewest connections. But look at open-jaw (multi-city) itineraries (in to Paris- out of Zurich, for example) not just one way fares.

The RS or Lonely Planet Switzerland guidebook would help a lot, since you will need to know about getting around the Lauterbrunnen Valley as well.

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Paris to Lauterbrunnen is easy by train. Look up times on the SBB (Swiss Federal railways) website:

Forget Bern airport, it is a minute airport, its major user has just gone bust leaving ~2 seasonal departures per day.
Zürich is the airport with the most flights, 2nd choice Geneva. Both are easy to get to, they both have stations at the airports and you can get there by train from anywhere in Switzerland.

As well as Lauterbrunnen, consider the two towns above it on opposite sides of the valley: Mürren and Wengen.
Info on all 3, including hotels, here: