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Air Conditioning needed in Lucerne at end of August and beginning?

I am trying to determine if I need to get accommodations with air conditioning for our time in Lucerne at the end of August and beginning of September. Please take into account my wife nor I sleep well in a hot or warm room?
Thank you.


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It's difficult to know what the weather may be like at that time of year. I'd suggest getting A/C as that way it will be available if needed.

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Chances are you wont need it, even if you are lucky and get warm weather it cools down at night, but no harm in getting it, not sure if small hotels will even have it though

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I'd spring for the a/c since that's the only way to be sure. If you get a room on the top floor and you don't have good ventilation, it csn be too warm even if the outside temp isn't all that high.

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We were just in lucerne 2 wks ago and used the ac.
However just realize by govt mandate hotels are restricted to a range of cool.
It was ok but not as cool,as we would have preferred. Just reserve a room on lower floors as others have suggested . It helps alot.

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I was in Luzern mid-July. It was quite warm, and the hotel provided fans. No A/C. We could have used it.

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We were there in 3rd week of June and felt like we were going to freeze it was so chilly! Swiss weather is just unpredictable.

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Last summer in Luzern it was hotter than it had been since 1929. I am from Alabama and sincerely wondered why I had never realized that Switzerland got that hot. I had never been there in July! No AC, except for the car, and on some of the nights there were times when it was hard to drop off due to the heat.

One of the hospitals we were in, in Luzern, had one fan for the whole ER. Luckily it was just us and another family and when they left we snagged the fan ;). I have heard of fans at hotels as well so obviously it gets a bit hot.

Should be cooling off toward the end of August. You can always check historical records to how the temps look to you.

As for me and my wife, We were VERY surprised that it got that hot in Switzerland. We had been going for years but just never had a reason to be there in the middle of the summer before.

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Thanks everyone for your input.

I believe I will go for air just to be on the safe side.

Safe travels to all.