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Air conditioning in Murren

i am noticing that not many of the hotels have air conditioning in Murren --- i read from reviews that this past summer was hot and we are headed there next summer. Has anybody had any issues with this or know of a place that is air conditioned?

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I would not expect air conditioning in a mountain hotel - yuk, revolting thought.
People go up into the Alps for fresh clean air, and I would expect most to sleep in summer with their windows open to let in as much of it as possible.

This summer was hot, last summer (2018) was even hotter, not records broken just weeks on end of temperatures (where I am in the lowlands) hovering around 30°C. This summer was more like high 20's, with only occasional excursions over 30°C. It would be a lot less at the altitude Mürren is at.

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Good grief; I'd have said a/c wasn't needed in that area, but take a look at the actual, day-by-day temperatures for July of this year on I've linked to the data forJuly 2019; I haven't checked August. I guess I'd better stop telling people it's relatively safe to head to high-altitudes in the mountains in mid-summer.

I strongly suggest looking at the data in addition to asking for people's experiences. It seems that most people spend only a few days in the Berner Oberland, so you're getting a very limited snapshot even if the responder was there this summer.

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The times I have been there in Summer the temperatures have reached 90 F, but the highs passed quickly each day and at night sleeping was comfortable with my windows open. I do not know of any place that has A/C.

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But it's a dry heat... Seriously though, I looked at the data for July and Aug on the site acraven posted, and while there were a few days that hit 90+ , it wasn't that common. But more importantly the temps drop at night down to the mid 50s to low 60s, which should be comfortable to sleep. At most you might want a fan.

When we lived in Germany in the Bavarian Alps, we didn't know anyone who had a/c. We all just used fans and were quite comfortable.

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We were in Murren for 6 days/5 nights in August 2018 and didn't feel we needed AC. Temperatures would drop in the evenings, and there was a lovely breeze. It only rained for a few hours one evening and a few hours one afternoon. It made me nervous to book a hotel that didn't have AC as it's a necessity where I live in the summer.

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We were in Muerren for a week last July during one of the heat waves and A/C was totally unnecessary (which is good, ‘cause our apartment didn’t have it!).

It was sweltering hot at lower elevations, but Muerren was in the low 80s during the day (reasonably comfortable, low humidity, usually a breeze) and in the 50s at night — great sleeping weather.

Don’t worry about it, you won’t need A/C; just open the windows.

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We were in Murren mid-July 2018 and did not feel that we needed A/C. We felt a bit hotter down in Bern, it was probably mid-80s, with no A/C but our hotel had a fan and we did fine.

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I can't say that I've ever seen an air-conditioner of an sorts in Murren. Usually in Murren I'm more worried about if I'll actually need a jacket when I go outside.

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You generally don't need AC in Murren or any alpine town even on a warm day. During the day you're likely to be out and about, and in the evenings it cools off nicely. Humidity is what really makes a warm day uncomfortable and the alps are not usually humid. I'm from Florida and we do know humidity!

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