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Aiguille du Midi/Chamonix

Thanks in advance for all of the advice over many is the latest--
When planning a day trip to the Aiguille du Midi and Chamonix is it better to set up a trip with one of the van transfer companies from the Geneva airport (or our hotel in Geneva), or bite the bullet and rent a car for the day (Google maps shows it to be a very straightforward drive)? I want to make it as easy on the travel side as possible...

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One question to begin with.... Is there any possibility you could spend at least one night in Chamonix? A partial day doesn't provide much time to take the trip to the Aguille du Midi, as well as see many of the other sights in Chamonix such as the Ice Caves. The trip to the Aguille will be longer if you also want to take the Panoramic lift across to Helbronnner (Italy). The Panorama portion is especially scenic with a stunning trip over a glacier.

To answer your question, if you only want a short time in Chamonix and are willing to conform to their schedules, the Shuttle Vans are probably the easiest way to travel from Geneva. If you want more flexibility in the timing, a car rental will provide that. However keep in mind that if you come back too late, you may not be able to return the car before the rental office closes for the day.

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Agree with Ken. Try to spend at least one night (two will be better) in Chamonix. Otherwise you may find yourself too rushed to get the most out of the trip.

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we drove to chamonix from annecy for the day ( an easy drive) and opted to go to the ice caves. fantastic. i could easily have stayed in chamonix for a day or two and explored more.

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Just to add....parking in Chamonix is very easy. There is a huge parking lot for visitors just behind the Aguille du Midi station. Everything is walkable from there. I would also recommend spending the night.