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advise of tweaking itinerary & advise on transportation

We are getting into Zurich at 5:30 pm Friday night (Oct. 9) after a long day of traveling & layovers from the US . We are with 4 people (2 parents & 2 sons-20 & 23).

Thought that we would crash in Zurich Friday night & spend Saturday checking out Zurich; leave Zurich Sunday morning-and would head for Lauterbrunnen Valley & use that as our base for remains of Sun. Mon. & Tues.
--possibly go up to Jungfrau or Schilthorn if the weather is clear

Wed. leave Lauterbrunnen Valley & make our way to Montreux as we have a conference from Wed. afternoon - Fri. nite.
Saturday, do the Chateau Chillon Castle & make our way to Lausanne or Vevey by train as we would have gotten rid of our car (IF we rent a car) & if not, we would still go by train to Geneva :)
Sunday, go back home from Geneva.

Would you advise renting a car (approx $200.00) from Sunday - Wed ; we won't need our car in Montreux during our conference & then would just take the train on Saturday to Lausanne & then to Geneva for our Sunday flight back home.

OR, should we take the trains & forget about renting a car? We like the flexibility of having a car, but maybe a dumb idea?

ALSO, is there enough to do in Lauterbrunnen Valley with 2 males in their young 20's.

Oh, one other thing, I have read about the thermal pools in there another place that has that? Are those really a fun thing to do?

YES, I have been reading these boards non-stop & still don't know what I should be doing.

Any help or suggestions would be truly appreciated!!!!

THANKS so much--Sally

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There's tons to do around Lauterbrunnen. You for sure don't need a car around there specifically because there's transit everywhere and I think a big part of the experience of that region is the trains, cog railways, trams, gondolas and cows with giant bells . . . cars, not so much. As long as you're ok with a little rain you can still hike and explore too. I feel like there were a few hostels with bars and young people on their backpacking trips around. There are lots of adventure travel opportunities around that area, however lots might be shut down in October. I'm sure your sons will enjoy it very much either way though.

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I think you will find a car a bother to park and really not very necessary. Trains for your plans are fine.
U may find zurich alittle boring u might considerbyour first stop in Lucerne just stay nr train station.
Lauterbrunnen is a great place for hiking serious or non serious, photography and generally relaxing if the weather is wet.. You can be quite busy as there is a lot to see and enjoy. It is one of the most beautiful valleys anywhere. A ride to jungfrau can take a day rd trip. In lausanne is the olympic museum and a lovely area , the lake has a restored paddle wheel ferry that is a treat to see and ride.
Your males if not apart of the conference could enjoy the french swiss countryside nr montreux. There it could be helpful to have a car. There are castles, walled towns, and more swiss beauty.
U are going to one of the most beautiful places in the world, enjoy!

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OK, so you feel the trains would be part of the experience, now, could you please advise me what pass to buy?? The 4 day Swiss Pass (seems quite expensive for the 4 of us); however, is that what you would advise?

(You must get so sick of everyone asking about passes. I have been reading these boards for the pass 2 weeks & still am mixed up.)

ALSO, ae there any other places with thermal pools besides Leukerbad??

THANKS again!!


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Oh, one other thing, I have read about the thermal pools in there another place that has that? Are those really a
fun thing to do?

Lavey-les-bains. Route des Bains 42, 1892 Lavey-les-bains
Great but without the views that you have from Leukerbad. Closer to Montreux.

Les Bains de la Gruyère Gros-Plan 30, 1637 Galmiz
Close to Gruyere. Newer but smaller.

Centre thermal d'Yverdon-les-Bains. 22 Avenue des Bains, 1400 Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland