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Advice on nights in Gimmelwald, Lauterbrunnen

My husband and I will be in the Berner Oberland area for 4 nights in July. We are considering basing out of Interlaken and traveling by day to see Gimmelwald, Murren, Wengen and Lauterbrunnen. Should we plan to spend a night in one of these small villages to see the beauty of the mountains in the morning that we might miss while we spend the night in Interlaken? Or will basing out of Interlaken those 4 nights and traveling by day to see these communities be adequate? Could also use any suggestions for a hotel in Bern and Lausanne. Thank you!

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I'd suggest staying IN the Lauterbrunnen Valley rather than Interlaken, as it will reduce your daily travel times (and costs). Lauterbrunnen is the most central location to cover both sides of the valley, but to "see the beauty of the mountains in the morning" you might consider staying in Mürren. A walk down the small paved trail to Gimmelwald in the morning after breakfast should provide a wonderful sightseeing opportunity.

If you decide to stay in that area, I'd suggest getting some hotel bookings SOON.

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The towns themselves are not the attractions, as pleasant as they might be. Rather, they're places you use as bases to explore the mountains, or to pass through on your way up the mountains. I find that Interlaken is a little too maligned on this website, Gimmelwald, over-rated, but I would still rather stay in the mountains than in the valley.

So, Interlaken is a decent option, but Wengen, Mürren or Grindelwald would be better. But if you're staying in, let's say, Mürren, there's not much reason to visit Wengen, except if you pass through on your way to the Jungfraujoch.

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To reinforce Ken’s great advice, why stay in Interlaken if what you want and should experience is in and about the Lauterbrunnen Valley? Basing in Interlaken will require additional transport time and expense for what? The vistas and hiking opportunities that await you in the Lauterbrunnen Valley are wonderful.

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Jane, Lauterbrunnen is a 22-minute local train ride from the Interlaken Ost train station. As Ken points out, why stay in Interlaken for the experience of going into the Lauterbrunnen valley when you can actually stay there. If you are there for the Alps experience, you can see some of the Alps from Interlaken. However, inside the valley, you see the Alps on steroids. If you plan on visiting the tops of the Jungfrau and the Schilthorn, you really need to stay inside the valley. IMHO, Lauterbrunnen is the most centrally located but Muerren is the most scenic. It's at 5,200' and you can stay in a hotel there where you are on the edge of the valley wall (cliff). The views are beyond description.

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Finally the word seems to be spreading that Interlaken is not the destination...only the MEANS to a destination in Wengen, Murren, Lauterbrunnen, etc! Glad to see the word spread. Interlake isn't bad - it's just that the mountain villages are SO much better. And I disagree with the statement that the villages are not really the attraction ;-) I wholeheartedly think the villages are just as much part of the attraction as the many hiking and walking trails. It's a phenomenal area. Enjoy every minute of it!

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I agree you should stay in the Lauterbrunnen Valley or Murren.

My husband and I were there last October. Our plan was to base ourselves in Murren for 4 days and do a few day trips. We NEVER left Murren! We hiked, ate, watched the parasailers, and relaxed all while enjoying indescribeably beautiful views. I have been to Switzerland more times than I can count. These were the best 4 days I have ever spent there.

BTW-We stayed at the Hotel Bellevue in room 14 and loved every moment of it. There were balconies on both sides of the room for amazing mountain/town views.

Happy travels!

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We've stayed in Murren twice and love it. We much prefer being up in the Alps over being on the valley floor in Lauterbrunnen and looking up at them. We travel a long way to get there and being at a higher elevation, enveloped by the Alps is an amazing experience. To wake up and see the view out the window or from our balcony and be surrounded by the Alps can't be described. I wouldn't travel all that way to stay on the valley floor.. but that's me.

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sorry, lanialii, there is no place called Grimmelwald. That sounds like a combination of Gimmelwald and Grindelwald, both in the Berner Overland, on opposite sides of the Lauterbrunnen Valley. In order to accurately give the answer to your question you need to say where you mean, please.