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Advice needed on itinerary for trip to Switzerland

I am planning a trip to Switzerland in July. We will be flying in and out of Zurich. Immediately after landing, we will be taking train to Lucerne, where we will spend a few days, and then head to Murren (in Berner Oberland) for a few days. I had initially thought to then got to Zermatt for the last few days, but am considering going to Lugano instead. My concern is the distance from Murren to Lugano. Is Lugano worth visiting or is there another town in that area that I should consider? Thanks!

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Please tell us who is “we” (how many people, adults and children?), and your interests—-hiking, culture, scenic trains, museums, lakes and mountains, etc. Then we can help.

Do you have lodging booked in Luzern and Muerren?

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How about Montreux/Vevey on Lake Leman. But I would do it like this. Start on Lake Leman and work your way back to Muerren and Luzern. Get the long train trip over at the start. It is only 2 1/2 hours from Zurich airport to Lausanne then a quick train connection to Montreux/Vevey. That way you will be in Luzern to take a 1 1/4 hour direct train to Zurich airport.

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On the best of Switzerland tour, you get a couple of days in wonderful Lugano, but just an afternoon in Zermatt. I loved Lugano but would like to spend a little more time in Zermatt.

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I think Lugano is magical and unlike any place I've ever been. Definitely go up San Salvatore for fabulous views.

Zermatt is nice, but so often the Matterhorn is behind clouds.

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Thank you for the input thus far! "We" means there is a group of 8 of us...adults with teenager ages 17 and 18. We already have lodging booked but can be flexible with our plans.

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I like Sam’s suggestion as I’m following a similar plan for my June trip. I will fly into Zurich and take the train to Montreux. Stay for 5 nights. From there, I will take the train to Wengen. Stay for 5 nights. Then train to Lucerne for 3 nights. On the day of my departure, I will take the train right into the Zurich airport from Lucerne.