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A Zurich Question

Hello there, it might seem strange to ask a question here, since I am not visiting Switzerland this trip, but here it goes: in late May, I will be traveling by air from Porto, Portugal to Athens, Greece. By far my best routing and fare involve a TAP flight connecting in Zurich to an Aegean Airlines flight to Athens, on a single Aegean ticket. However, the ticket offering involves a connection time of 40 minutes in Zurich. Do any of you know Zurich Aurport, and is this reasonable? Do all international flights use the same terminal in Zurich, so that a TAP arrival would be quite close to an Aegean departure. Thanks so much!

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Zürich is a large airport but given the Swiss penchant for efficiency and punctuality, a transfer time of 40 minutes will probably work. Of course if the first flight is late, that will complicate matters. As you're travelling on a single Aegean ticket (both airlines are Star Alliance), I assume your checked luggage will be gate-checked to your final destination? I'd probably give it a try, as if you miss the second flight the airline will have to get you to your destination.