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6 days in Switzerland

Hi, my husband and I will be travelling from Lake Como to Bern and then from Bern to Lake Geneva. I was wondering: (1) what do you think the best train options would be. It looks like there are many to choose from. Everything from a Swiss Pass (I don't know If that would be practical?) or buying from point to point; and (2) what would be the best transfer point from Lake Como to Bern? It looks like Zurich would be out of the way but maybe quickest. Luzern looks to be closer but maybe more transferring in the end. Thank you so much for your help!
Also, if you have any recommendations on great places to stay in Bern and/or Lake Geneva, I'd greatly appreciate it! Thank you so much.

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If you're looking for the quickest routes, then just do a regular schedule search at They will automatically show you the fastest connections at any give departure time; view details to see the change points, which are not necessarily the same for every trip. The DB schedule site works the same for all of Europe, but does not reflect schedules for the line Milan-Varenna-Tirano. Are you staying in Varenna or another part of the lake? Como town is on a different rail line. Each route is scenic for a couple of hours as it crosses the Alps.

If you only have two major train rides in Switzerland, the Swiss Transfer Ticket will cover those two routes, either with or without a Half Fare Card added at the time of purchase. The Swiss Transfer Ticket works for the fastest, most direct route between a border and your destination. If you think you want to plan a longer detour for more scenic train time, then you'd consider a different product, such as a 3-day pass.