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5 x day Switzerland trip advice

Itinerary as follows- arrive Zurich ZRH Thurs April 13th 9.00pm, train to Lucerne and staying for 2 nights, then based in Interlaken for 2 nights, then Grindelwald for a night, then back to ZRH for a late flight home.
We would like to see and get up some of the mountains, and generally enjoy some fantastic scenery.
To make the most of our trip we would appreciate any advice on must do's and see's, and which travel cards you would suggest.
Many thanks in advance, Stephen & Gail

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so you really only have one day to see Luzern area? Too bad. I would skip Interlaken, which is at the foot of the mountains, but not in them, and spend it all in Grindelwald or elsewhere up the valley, as that is where you will be going from Interlaken anyway, if you want to see something.

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You probably will not clear customs until about 11 pm- still want to head to Lucerne that same night after a long flight? As others have noted, Interlaken is just a train transfer- keep going on up the valley & stay in Grindelwald.

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The best way to get the most from this itinerary is to go with the flow of the weather. Since you land in Zurich late you should book your first night there. If the weather forecast for your week looks good, then spend the next 3 nights in up in the mountains. Grindlewald, Wengen, Lauterbrunnen, and Murren are great and scenic choices. Then spend your last night in Luzern since it's much more interesting than Zurich. Luzern has a direct rail link to the Zurich airport. Trains leave every 30 minutes and take 70 minutes to arrive, so it will be easy to make your flight.

If the weather forecast is poor, then unfortunately you should skip the mountains entirely. There just won't be any grandeur to see. Instead, after the first night in Zurich I'd head to Bern for 2 nights and then to Luzern for the final two nights. Both cities are a delight to walk and have interesting museums.

And don't worry about hotel rooms on such a play-it-by-ear itinerary. Quality rooms will be easy to get at the last minute as April is off-season. But I'd go ahead and book a Zurich room for your arrival night since you'll definitely need one regardless of the weather.

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Here's the bad news... April is the single worst month to visit the Alps in Switzerland. Rather than repeating the exact reasons why for the 500th time, just search the forums for "Switzerland in April". Quite simply, if you can only get away in April, go somewhere else. The Alps aren't worth the effort at that time of year.

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Many thanks for taking the time to reply. Unfortunately dates and locations cannot be changed. From advice given here and on other forums it would seem best to aim for spending 2 full days in Luzerne area, arrive at Interlaken late, spend a day based in Interlaken (maybe take a lake cruise), leave Interlaken early next morning to get 2 full days based in Grindelwald.