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5 Days Switzerland trip with a toddler

Hi Fellow travellers,

Need advice for my Switzerland trip. I am travelling to Zurich for 5 days in Sep and here is my plan:

Day 1: Reach Zurich by 8pm and stay over night at Zurich
Day 2: explore Zurich and Rhine falls and evening train to interlaken. I am planning to stay at Wengen, instead of interlaken.
Day 3: Day trip to mount Jungfrau
Day4: explore interlaken and in the evening take train to Lucerne. I will have full day to explore interlaken/Wengen, please suggest what is there to see and do
Day5: Visit mount Titlis
Day6: Visit mount Rigi and cruise on Lake Luzern on way back
Day 7: take morning train to florence. I am then planning to spend 1.5 days in florence and 3 days in rome

Let me know if this itinerary will help me explore the best of Switzerland. I can cut down one day from italy tour and add to Switzerland if there are some interesting places to explore.

Also,need some tip on where can i leave my luggage as most of my travel to next city is in the evening.

Thanks, Nisha

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I wasn't that impressed by the Rhine Falls, and wouldn't make s special journey. Luzern before Interlaken makes more sense. I'd choose either Titlis or Rigi.
Day 1. Arrive Zurich, then on to Luzern (3 nights)
Day 2. Luzern & the lake
Day 3. Either Titlis or Rigi
Day 4. Via Interlaken to Wengen (3 nights)
Day 5. Jungfraujoch
Day 6. Murren
Day 7. Via Milan to Florence

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Hi David,

Thanks for recommendations. I am trying to minimise the number hotel stay specially with a toddler. Can I do day trip from Wengen to Bern?


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It's almost 2 hours 1 way from Wengen -> Bern. You'll have to be the judge of your time. Skip Rhine Falls and go to Lucerne instead. You say you are trying to minimize hotels, but your schedule says otherwise. When you land in Zurich then spend the night and get up the next morning and travel to Lucerne for 1 or 2 nights. Next travel to Wengen and spend the rest of your nights there. Skip Interlaken as it's not in the alps and mostly full of hotels and tourist trinket shops and McDonalds.

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You can do so, but after you see the beauty of the mountains - assuming good weather - you may not want to.

With a small one in tow, you may find the short train connection times challenging, so what would take me about 2 hours each way may take you and the little one close to an extra hour. Do you really want to spend 5 or 6 hours on the train that day when you could be enjoying where you are?

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Maybe I confused with multiple names. I am planning to stay one night in Zurich, 2 night in Wengen (not Interlaken) and 3 nights/2 days in Lucerne.
Bern was not in my initial plan though. Also, while in Wengen, I plan to visit mount Jungfraujoch in 1 day and spend another day..exploring something nearby. When in lucernz, plan to visit mount titlis and mount rigi.

Need advice on few things: what to do in me Wengen when I have free day?
Mount titlis and mount Jungfraujoch - both worth doing?
Does this itinerary looks doable?

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What free day in Wengen are you talking about?

Now you really have me confused.

You asked about a day trip from Wengen.

You talk about going up to the Jungfraujoch.

When are you going to do all this.

Your most recent post says you will only have two nights in Wengen. Two nights equals one full day.

You can't do it all in such a short period of time. Especially with a toddler who will have rest, eating and sleeping requirements.

Jungfraujoch takes the biggest part of a whole day. There is loads of other activity in the are.

It would be a waste to spend all the time and money getting to the Jungfraujoch to find that when you get to the summit you are surrounded by cloud, wouldn't it? That's why I always strongly suggest that visitors to the Berner Oberland schedule at least two full days (3 nights) there, so hopefully there is decent weather on one of the days, usually the morning. You can check what is the weather at the summits by the TV in your hotel or at the boarding station, before you buy your ticket.

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Hi David,

Itinerary looks really good now :). Wanted to ask on travel time from Luzern to Wengen, will it take the whole day? Can I travel to Wenday on day 3 evening and save another day to do a side trip in Wengen?


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2hrs 46mins from Luzern to Wengen with hourly departures - same timings and connections as sample below ...

TRN 2920
Dep 10:05 LUZERN (Switzerland)
Arr 11:55 INTERLAKEN OST (Switzerland)
RE 159
Dep 12:05 INTERLAKEN OST (Switzerland)
Arr 12:25 LAUTERBRUNNEN (Switzerland)
RE 359
Dep 12:37 LAUTERBRUNNEN (Switzerland)
Arr 12:51 WENGEN(CH) (Switzerland)

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the day trip to Jungfraujoch will take most of the day, even from Wengen. Decide to do it or not based on the weather that day. Know that for the toddler, it is cold on top and at high altitude, and much of the 1 1/2 hour train ride each way, you are in dark tunnel.

Agreeing that Zurich, the Rhine Falls and Interlaken not worth the time downhill. Also, that Bern, while a lovely town, is not in the mountains and little of interest to make it a day trip away from the Valley.