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5 days murren, best train pass???

Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me. I am somewhat overwhelmed with all the options for train pass and cable. We will be traveling from Rothenburg ob de Tauber in Germany to Murren for 5 days and then leaving to fly home from Zurich. We have 2 adults and 2 children.

We will have a rental car in Germany. We were thinking that we might turn it in at a boardertown and then train into Murren. However, it looks like it may be cheaper just to drive into Switzerland although the car would sit in the valley until we drive to Zurich to fly home. Does this make sense?

While in Murren we plan to do both the Schilthornbahn, Jungfraubahn and open air museum.

Thanks so much!

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An extra five days of car rental plus parking and possible 2nd-country drop fees must come to a significant total. What price quotes did you see?

The Swiss Transfer Ticket + Half-Fare Travel Card combo costs $213 per adult. That covers your trips to and from Muerren on the first and last days and gives you 50% off other transportation during your stay. If you request the free Swiss Family Card, then your children age 6-15 will be free on all Swiss transport they take with you.

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we were in Switzerland last month and spent 4 days in lauterbrunnen (we also had a car that sat parked during our visit to this area). we purchased the half fare card for myself and my husband at the lauterbrunnen train station and then were able to add on the free family card. the children were able to ride all trains/trams for free during our lauterbrunnen stay and my husband and I paid half price. we went to murren & allmenhubel, to the jungfraujoch and also up to first in grindelwald.

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There's often a substantial drop-off charge for renting a car in one country and leaving it in another. You'd also need to obtain the Swiss highway tax vignette for driving in Switzerland. Without it you'd be subject to fines. I'd suggest dropping the car in Germany and using the excellent rail system (especially in Switzerland).

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If you do just the Jungfrau trip then the Swiss Half Fare card practically pays for itself in that trip alone. So definitely at LEAST get the Half Fare Card. As everyone else says - get the free Swiss Family Card for sure. Nothing like 100% free travel for your kids.

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Thank you everyone one so much for your feedback. The car rental only adds an extra $100 for the charge for our additional days from Germany and the drop off fee appears to be $200 but I cant seem to confirm that. If that is the case, we will probally keep the car and buy the Swiss half card and if not we will buy the transfer/half card. Thank you for your help!!!!

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Rental vehicles are not an added "plus". Sometimes they're actually more headache than they're worth - especially if you're traveling to destinations that are well served by public transport. The whole of Switzerland is well served by fast, efficient, clean and punctual public transport. The best parts of Switzerland, the Berner Oberland (Murren) is ONLY served by public transport. No cars allowed past Lauterbrunnen/Stechelberg.

Open Air Museum - you're speaking of Ballenberg? We visited there several years ago via public transport from Murren. It's interesting enough, but if you're already in the Berner Oberland (one of the most beautiful places on earth) and the weather is good for you then Ballenberg can be rather ho-hum. Just be aware.

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You will also need to purchase a CHF40 Vignette to drive on main roads at the Swiss border, watch your speed, slow down in tunnels to number posted outside the tunnel, and parking at Lauterbrunnen will cost around CHF11 a day.