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4 nights in Wengen and Interlaken - May

We plan to stay 4 nights  in Wengen (May) and here is our itinerary looks like, we will have Berner pass. Please let us know how does this looks-

Day 0 (28th) - Arrive in Evening to Wengen from Zurich

Day 1 (29th) - Wednesday

    Wengen - Mannlichen (Cable Car) (5 minute ride)
Männlichen Royal Walk - 1.7 km round trip around 1 hour seems to be nice from here)
Männlichen -> Grindelwald Terminal (Cable car down)( 20 min).

Take bus or walk(15-20 min) to Grindelwald
Explore Grindelwald Town and have lunch (1- 1.5 hr)
Walk to Grindelwald First valley station First (Grindelwald).(10 min walk) or take bus to Grindelwald (Firstbahn)

Take Gondola ride to Grindelwald first
Explore Cliff Walk(Free with pass), other paid activities like First Glider, Mountain Bike/ Trottibike ( 31 CHF per Adult for First Glider and 21 CHF for bikes) ( around 2 -2.5 hours)

Come back to Grindelwald Station and travel to Grindelwald terminal
Go back to Wengen using same route through Männlichen

Day 2 (30th) - Thrusday
Take Train to Lauterburren from Wengen,(10-15 min), than Bus(141 located at the north end of the train station along the west side of the main road) -> Stechelberg (12 min) We cannot go from Lauterburren to GRÜTSCHALP as that has maintenance till 31st May.
Take Cable Car to Murren

If Allmendhubel gets opened (as it currently stays it is closed till 17th May but the detailed timetable states it will operate from June 8th so need to check when we arrive)
If open take funicular and do flower valley trail or childrens-adventure-trail (totat 1 hr)
back to Murren

Murren to Birg ( do thrill and Skyline walk ) - 30 -45 min
Birg ->Schilthorn
Spend time Schilthorn , Look - Piz Gloria Revolving restaurant (45- 60 min)
Do ParaGliding - Depends on weather ( 1- 1.5 hr) ( It starts from here) or keep for next day
Back to Murren Explore Murren, take photo from Church(40-50 min)
Do Murren - Gimmelwald hike (45 min)

take gondola back to Stechelberg

take bus Back to Lauterburren and head back to Wengen(30 min)

Day 3- (31st) - Friday
Go to Lauterburren using train
Explore Lauterburren
Go to Staubbach Waterfall ( neat to railway station) (10 min walk)

Lunch at Airtime Cafe Bakery

Come back to Wengen

Wengen->Kleine Scheidegg (CogWheel train)

Kleine Scheidegg-> Eigergletcher (CogWheel Train)

Eigergletcher -> Grindelwald (Eiger Express - Gondola)

Take Eiger Express from Grindelwald Terminal to Eigergletscher station(15 min)

Come back to Grindelwald train station

Ride bus 122 from the Grindelwald train station (not Grindelwald Terminal) to the Grindelwald Pfingsteggbahn stop (in direction Grindelwald, Gletscherschlucht). It’s a 5-minute ride and the 4th stop.

Take Cable car to Pfingstegg

Go to Pfingstegg and do toboggan (Adults 8 CHF , kids 2-6 CHF) (around 1 hour)

If time permits do Glacier Canyon ( is there a way we can do this in night using public transport?)

Return to Wengen from Grindelwald train station , go through train or go through Cable Car

Day 4 (June 1st) - Saturday
1 travel to Interlaken , check in luggage at Interlaken Ost station

2. Spend an hour or 2 to explore Interlaken, do Harder Kulm and visit Yash Chopra Statue

3. Check out luggage and take boat ride to brienz ( 1 hour)

4. Store luggage at Brienz station Explore Brienz ( 1 hour)

5. Take train to Lucerne using panaromic Interlaken express ( 1 hour)

6. Check in at Hotel in Lucerne

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Remember that no travel plan survives contact with the Swiss weather. Do not plan to much in detail.

The Glacier Canyon in Grindelwald is only open till 18:00, so well within the time that the buses operate normally. But it is also walkable from the town.
In fact, do not bother too much with buses for short trips. You can easily walk around Grindelwald.

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thanks folks for the reply. Yeah I just want to have option and details ready so if weather supports :). On Canyon I see on Friday its open till 10 PM and looks good in night, hence was thinking to do on Friday Night. So was thinking if I have to do that In Night will I have the public transport available around 9-10 PM so we can come back to Wengen.

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Allmendhubel won’t be open - it opens June 8.

You have to plan paragliding ahead of time with a specific time, so you’ll have to account for that in your plan.

Birg Thrill Walk might not be open, TBD

Harder Kulm will take more than an hour. Skip it and just do the boat ride if you also need to get all the way to Luzern.

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i do see based on the below link Birg will be open in May. For Paragliding - yeah we need to plan early but what if the weather is bad so we are thinking of doing it when we reach over there or do we have to book in advance.? We can definitely do one week before but checking if we have to a month before.

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Amazing planning- your itinerary looks really well thought out.

Just to warn you, the slightest hint of rain and the toboggan on the Pfingstegg is closed.

The rope park in Interlaken is fun (seilpark).

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yeah thanks but it says it will be open from May 18th. Looks like snow is not melted yet much in mountains so we might be restricted with respect to hikes.

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You can't just show up and paraglide, it requires advance booking. Times sell out. Look at the weather the week you arrive and try to pick the day that seems to have the best chance. You can see available times online and if I look right now it's completely sold out 3 days in advance and they have limited times starting early next week. So basically you have to take a risk a few days out and book or you won't be able to do it at all. Hit the "Book Now" button on this link to see where you can view the calendar of available times -