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4 nights in Switzerland in March.

want to experience Swiss Alps but dilemma is where to hub. Want to spend a day doing local train from Chur down Bernina Express route. If we go to Tirano, how will we get back up in March? Also do we try to take in Bern or not???? Any guidance is appreciated!!!!

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If you are in Chur and take the Bernina Express train to Tirano in the morning, you walk around town and have lunch, then get on the next train back to Chur, about 2 hours after you arrived. Mountains are very pretty covered in snow.

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I agree with Nigel, some additional information would be really helpful.

If you travel to Tirano on the B.E. route, you can take any number of regular trains travelling in the reverse direction. Whether to "take in" Bern or not will depend on your overall travel plans, and you haven't provided much information to work with. If you want to visit one city, my suggestion would be Lucerne.

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Thank you for the replies. I'll try to be more specific.

  1. Planning to spend 4 nights in Switzerland early March, arriving via train from Austria. Probably stay in Berner Oberland but torn between Murren, Lauterbrunnen, etc. Is this a good area to base ourselves from, taking train out to different areas? Will there be anything to do in the evening in these spots? Just looking for nice place for dinner, walk around, and/or have a few beers.
  2. Want to spend one day skiing or taking in other winter activities. What is the easiest area/resort to get in and out of?
  3. Plan to spend one day taking Bernina Express on down to Tirano, having lunch, exploring, then taking local train back.
  4. Will have a day that isn't yet planned. What are your thoughts here? Matterhorn? Lausanne? Not interested in going down to Lake Geneva.
  5. Flying home out of Zurich. Currently intend to fly spend one night there and flying out early next morning. Does anyone recommend squeezing in an extra night in Zurich? If I do that, I'll be robbing myself of my last day in the rest of the country.

Thank you all again for your help!!!