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4 N trip for Switzerland

Hello Folks,
After finalizing my trip for Netherlands(Amsterdam and nearby areas) and France(Paris+Disneyland) with your suggestions, now need few more with Switzerland trip.

I will be traveling from Paris to Basel by TGV and reaching Basel around 5:30 PM ...
After reaching, roam around the city (if possible) and stay night in Basel. (1N)

Next Morning, travel to Lauterbrunnen and stay at Camping Jungfrau - Holiday Park for 2 nights. (2N)

Move to Lucrene city on 3rd day morning, visit Lucrenee whole day and take evening train to Zurich.
night in Zurich. (1N)

Roam around Zurich on 4th day and take a return flight from there in evening at 6:30 PM..

Queries :
1) Need suggestions for places to visit during 2 day in Lauterbrunnen
2) As i will be traveling by train i.e. Basel to Lauterbrunnen , Lauterbrunnen to Lucrene and Lucrene to Zurich apart from if i need to take some other train to visit .. so buying a swiss pass for 3 days is worth ? i can plan to buy a pass for 20-21-22 days ..
3) what about other express trains (glacier etc .. )

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Vinit, By "Lucrene" I assume you mean Luzern (English spelling: Lucerne).
If you are in Lauterbrunnen, that is in the middle of the mountains. Just take one of the mountain railways up the mountains (Schilthorn, Kleine Scheidegg etc.) enjoy the mountains and possibly do some walking.
Do not stay in Zürich. instead spend the night in Luzern and go direct from there to Zürich airport. It is only 1¼ hours by train from Luzern to Zürich airport.
You do not have time to visit other parts of Switzerland, so the Glacier Express is not possible. But the train route from Lauterbrunnen (via Interlaken and Meiringen) to Luzern goes via the Brünig Pass and is scenic.

A 3-day Swiss Pass is probably worth it, but I recommend you to do the arithmetic yourself to check, including what you spend on mountain railways in the Lauterbrunnen area.