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4 days in Switzerland- Ideas

My husband and I will be traveling to Switzerland at the end of October after getting off a River cruise on the Rhine. This intermarry was suggested to me but after reading some of your responses to others I think I need help!!
Day 1 and 2-Interlaken
Day 3- Zermatt
Day-4 Lucerne
Flying home from Zurich
Any help would be appreciated!

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cdcclerkberg, you have to consider the time it tales to pack up and go from one place to another. Disrtances are deceiving in Switzerland when you look at the map, because the mountains slow things down. You would only have a few hours of day time in Zermatt and Luzern when you take the transit time into account.

If it were me (and it was not too long ago) I'd pick either the Berner Overland (up the valley from Interlaken) or Luzern, for all those days. Interlaken itself is not in the mountains; its at the foot of the mountains. All the good stuff is up the valley - Lauterbrunnen, Mürren, Wengen, etc. If you stay in Interlaken, much of your time is taken up by going to and from the places you really want to see. Luzern has a lot to do up the mountains and on the lake. Plus you can get right to the Zurich airport rail station from Luzern in 1.25 hours. Thats what we chose to do.

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Having visited Interlaken several times including this summer I would plan a stay for Day 1 and 2 elsewhere as recommended above. After spending a few hours in the “city” I was thrilled to return to the “mountain retreats.”

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If you want to be right in the mountains, as Stan mentioned, then you can go into the Lauterbrunnen valley area. I actually like Interlaken a lot, I lived there for several years and before that when we traveled to Switzerland we always stayed there. It is at a lower elevation, flat and easy to get around by foot, taxi or bus. We stayed close to the East train station, did not hang out in our hotel but spent our days exploring. The end of October is beautiful with all the hillsides showing their fall colours. It just depends on what you like to do, and what kind of a holiday you are looking for.

Here are some train times:

Interlaken Ost - Wengen 36 min

Interlaken Ost - Murren 53 min

You can also visit
Brienz, Giessbach Falls, Thun, Bern, and the lakes of Brienz and Thun

Interlaken Ost - Zermatt 2h 14 min

Zermatt - Lucerne will be your longer train ride, 3.5 - 4 hours depending on connections

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My suggestion is to skip Zermatt- it's out of the way, weather could be iffy for seeing the Matterhorn, and if you stay in Wengen or Murren (or Lauterbrunen), you will actually be in the Alps. Once you're in the mountains, you won't want to leave.
Have a great trip!

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Thank you all for your suggestions!! Sounds like I'm going to skip Zermatt! Would you stay in Lauterbrunen Valley. Murren or the Berner Overland area?

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Lauterbrunnen and Mürren are both in the Berner Oberland region, and very close to one another. Lauterbrunnen in the town in the valley; Mürren is a car-free village perched on the cliff directly above Lauterbrunnen. You ride a large cablecar to get up there.

If you are familiar with Yosemite, picture it this way: Lauterbrunnen is on the valley floor, below Glacier Point. Mürren would be up above, at Glacier Point (but there is no rock formation comparable to Half Dome in the picture).

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The Berner Oberland is the mountainous region of the canton of Bern, starting at Thun and including Interlaken, the Lauterbrunnen valley, Grindelwald, Gstaad, Lenk, Haslital, etc.

There are lots of posts about which village in the Lauterbrunnen Valley is the best to stay in, you can check them out, I would also look at some of the local tourist websites for each one so you can see what each one looks like. It's all very beautiful.

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Search here on the Forum for past discussions of where to stay in the Berner Oberland. You can also just read the last six months of entries under the Switzerland drop- down. You will find passionate discourse advocating for each town!
Safe travels!