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3UK internet with legs no longer works in Switzerland? help

used 3UK internet with legs prepaid SIM when I traveled to Switzerland before and worked perfectly. Plan to buy one again but read on web because new roaming rules of EU the SM no longer works in Switzerland (roaming no longer free or slow connection) because Switzerland is not an EU country. Is it true?

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There are a bunch of confusing things here.

I use a number of devices, and have done around much of Europe, including Switzerland, for many years.

In all my puff I have never heard of internet with legs. What legs do you mean? I thought it must have been a typo but it is in the title of the thread too.

By 3UK do you mean the British branch of the 3 network?

Where did you read that 3 doesn't work in Switzerland?

It is true that Switzerland is a member of Schengen but not a member of the EU - it is however part of the EEA and as such is included within the definition of Europe used by most SIM providers (including Three) to comply with the recent free roaming requirements.

I have never heard of slowing down the signal as a consequence.

It almost sounds like you have it upside down.

The 3 page on roaming is

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I too have never heard of internet with legs!!! The Three sim with 'feel at home' included enables you to use your data in Switzerland (I queried this with a Three representative last week when I upgraded my phone).

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internet with legs is just a cheesy marketing slogan that 3 thought up for mobile broadband.

How did Hong Kong get into the equation?

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Isachoy, Switzerland is not in the EU. But many operators have chosen to include Switzerland in the "free roaming" area presumably because it is the simpler option and prevents complaints. AFAIK no operator excludes Switzerland.

Looking at the price list you posted (very long and complicated!)
In the section "Getting online abroad" (page 9), which lists costs for data, there is no mention of Switzerland. But on pages 10 ("Making calls and texts while abroad") and 11 it is listed as "Band 2". According to the table on page 9, the data cost for band 2 is £3/MB instead of 3.9p/MB for EU countries.
That is not a typo by me, the cost does go up 76 times when you cross the border into Switzerland!

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In this case it might have been easier and cheaper to buy a European sim in Europe.