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3G or 4G on smartphone in Lauterbrunnen/Murren, Ebenalp/Wasserauen

Hello all,
I have iPhone with Verizon connection and I am sure I can add international data plan to make my phone work in Big cities like Zurich, Geneva and Lucerne but Can anyone tell me if my smartphone will work with 3G or 4G internet in mountain areas like Lauterbrunnen, Murren, Ebenalp and Wasserauen?
I also know that lot of hotels have wifi service but my main issue will be getting maps and train schedules on my smartphone if there is no 3G or 4G service.
Thank you.

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I never have any problem in Murren connecting my Verizon iphone to the village wifi or to Chalet Fontana wifi and having all of the functionality I need.

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I've never had any problems in getting a cell signal in that area. If you can reach a tower, you should have a data connection available. However, I'd suggest using Wi-Fi as much as possible, as data roaming plans usually have limits which are far less than what you might have at home.

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3G was good in Lauterbrunnen and for that matter even on the lifts and in the mountains.

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A few things...

Your iPhone will work anywhere in Switzerland. They are awesome that way.

DO NOT get international service from Verizon.

Instead buy a card at the Mobile phone seller in the ZRH airport. You will get 10 time as much data as Verizon and it will cost about 20-30CHF. You will get data and voice for that one price.

It is super easy and they will make sure that you are up and running before you leave the store.

Regarding phone service, Switzerland is such a small and developed country that it is ubiquitous. Those specific areas you mention are well covered.

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cabalist, phone service must really be expensive if you can buy a car cheaper! :)

I used ATT passport and was quite pleased. I didn't make calls, but texted and received unlimited texts in 4 countries for only $30 for a month. It worked perfectly for my needs and I liked that my parents (in the late 80's) could just call the regular number they usually call if they needed me. Sometimes an extra dollar or two to keep things simple for family is worth it.

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Before you go replacing SIM cards, you have to make sure the phone is unlocked. I believe now it's the law that they have to give you that info if you ask (but perhaps only after you've had the phone for a certain amount of time). And you have to know which size SIM you need (there are now several).

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Whether or not your iPhone is unlocked is important. For Verizon, SIM slots on all iPhone 5 models are unlocked. I believe that that is the same for iPhone 6 and 6S models as well. This is due to the contract/auction restrictions imposed when they were bidding for this bandwidth.

When you get to the mobile purveyor at the airport (I know ZRH best) they will look at your phone, determine the correct SIM card to give you, (probably) help put it in, and get it activated. Really THEY know more about your phone than you (/I) do.

Have a blast!