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3days the Jungfrau region. Where to stay?

Hi! First trip to Switzerland (hiking the TMB) and we are planning to stay 3 days in the Jungfrau region. Would it be best to stay in Lauterbrunnen or one of the mountain villages like Wengen or Grindelwald. At this point, we are leaning towards Lauterbrunnen since I heard it described at Switzerland's Yosemite Valley. However, seems like many travelers prefer the mountain villages.

We plan to explore the area, hike, and just soak up nature while also altitude prepping before our TMB hike.

Any opinions, pros, and cons would be helpful. Any suggestions for lodging also great. Nothing too fancy but also not a hostel. Thank you!

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Yes, the Lauterbrunnen Valley does indeed resemble Yosemite Valley. To continue the analogy, picture the car-free villages of Wengen and Mürren pierced above the Valley, 3000 feet higher. Mürren would be on the right as you face into the Valley from Tunnel View, roughly in the position of Glacier Point. Wengen would be on the opposite side, say near the top of Yosemite Falls.

If preparation for the TMB altitude is your goal, there is more benefit to staying at one of the higher villages, especially Mürren. We spent 6 nights there before our TMB in 2018. We have been there several times before, and prefer it over Wengen, Lauterbrunnen, etc. for the better views and more hiking right from your door.

For an inexpensive place to stay in Mürren, consider Chalet Fontana, a Bed and Breakfast run by a lovely British woman. The upstairs rooms ( a total of 5) have a shared bathroom, but if that is not your preference, the ground floor apartment has its own private bathroom. And you still get breakfast with the other guests. We have stayed in both types of accommodation there and found them perfectly acceptable.

With a more liberal budget, I would suggest Hotel Bellevue.

If you would like to choose Wengen instead, Hotel Bären is moderate in price and serves excellent, gourmet-quality dinners. Take half board there and you will enjoy nice meals, including, in addition to wonderful 3- or 4-course dinners, the best breakfast we have found in Switzerland.

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Lola, thank you for this input. It's just what I was after!

Love to know what hikes the area you liked.

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Add me to the list of those who enjoy the mountain villages. I have been to the area twice on RS tours and both times we stayed in Murren. The last time we stayed at the hotel alpenruh. It’s right next to the lift to the Schilthorn. Everyone on the tour got a room with a balcony and view. Balcony was small but had a small table and chairs. Perfect for a picnic lunch or dinner. During the day you could watch the paragliders float by.

If you need hiking suggestions there are some in the RS Switzerland guidebook. And forum member “Shoe” has been kind enough to share his hikes in this linked site.

If you are thinking of a trip up to the Schilthorn or Jungfrau then I suggest you start early. Get up early and check the cams to see if the weather is suitable for good viewing. Crowds will grow as the day progresses and rain/thunderstorms can arrive later in the day.

BTW just to clarify I believe that Murren is about 5,000 ft elevation.

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Stay in Muerren. Nothing better than waking up to the views.

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Four years ago we stayed 4 nights and liked Wengen over Murren because the commercial area is larger with more restaurants, shops, etc. The Hotel Bernerhof was good for us - check it out.

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there are people on Youtube who put a camera on their chest and ... just walk. You can find such videos for Murren and Wengen which will help you decide which one suits you best. FWIW, they confirmed for me that Murren gets my vote. Also Murren is just below the Schilthorn if that is in your plans.