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3 days only in Switzerland - help with itinerary

Hello -We are going in late September, and we only have 3 days for this trip and are trying to decide our best experience for wonderful scenery hiking, food, etc. We arrive at 6am on Zurich, and need to be in Geneva 3 days later. We were going to leave Zurich and head down via train to Zermatt and then travel by train to Geneva, or instead go directly from Zurich to Bern, the Bern Oberland then to Lausanne then to Geneva. We are not staying at all in Geneva as its our end point to travel to France.

We are only able to travel via train. We are in mid 50's in good shape and love to hike, experience local cultural, food and wine.

Thank you

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Just 3 days, do it in the Berner Oberland. Muerren or Wengen for my money.

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You are doing the same thing I did last year, except in reverse. I recommend taking the train from Zurich to Murren (via Lucerne on the Golden Pass - worth the extra hour for the stunning scenery) and staying there 2 nights. Then take the train down to Bern and stay there one night. Then take the train to Geneva the final morning.

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Kelly is right about taking the train via Lucerne. As for that last night in Bern, I'd say it depends on when you have to be in Geneva. It takes about 4 hrs from Murren to Geneva by train. I'd stay in the Berner Oberland as long as I could.

As for hiking, click on my name and you'll find a link to our dozen favorite hikes in the area, with maps and pics.

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I can't tell exactly how much time you have - how many nights? Bern is a nice city, but its not in the mountains, which is what you go to Switzerland to see. You don't have enough time for more than one location and the BO is where to be. Luzern would be a second choice.

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With your limited time I would head to Zermatt...great scenery, cogwheel trains up
the mountains and some great easy hikes as outlined in Rick's Switzerland book.

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My 2 cents - Get to the Berner Oberland region and stay as long as you can - preferably Wengen or Murren.

We have been all over Switzerland and it is spectacular. BUT the mountains of Murren are showstoppers....

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You are only able to travel by train? That’s a good thing!