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3 days in Switzerland (Lucerne) .. Mountain Peaks to be covered ??


I am travelling to Switzerland in last week of December 18 for 3 days and will be staying in Lucerne. I would appreciate some suggestions for helping me in finalizing my itinerary for 3 days in Lucerne.
I will be keeping 1 day for Golden Pass Line (B/w Lucerne and Montreux). Rest 2 days, I am thinking of covering the famous mountain peaks for best views of Swiss Alps. Please suggest which mountain peaks should I cover in 2 days from Lucerne (Titlis/Rigi/Pilatus/Schilthorn).
Please also suggest whether Swiss Travel Pass will be beneficial of Tell Pass. As per my understanding, Tell Pass will not cover Schilthorn and Golden Pass Line.

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Three mountains are accessible from Luzern for a day trip: Pilatus, Rigi and Titlis. Schilthorn is in the Jungfrau region past Interlaken and too far for a day trip

  • Pilatus is Luzern's local mountain. Website: There is a nice round trip where you take a boat from Luzern to the far side of the mountain, up by funicular and down the other side by cable car, back by Luzern city bus. Details here:

  • Rigi is also accessable by lake boat, with trains up both sides. Website:

  • Titlis is the highest and the furthest from Luzern. It is also the only one of the three with a permanent snowcap. It has a small glacier at the top you can go inside (ice cave) and on top of. You take a train from Luzern to Engelberg, and then a series of 3 cable cars to the top. Website:

Your choice!

Whichever you choose, pick your day by the weather. Choose a clear day, if it is cloudy, the top will be in cloud.
If you have only 2 days in Luzern, I suggest 1 mountain day (Titlis) and one day part in Luzern and part on a lake boat.

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If you are on a lake boat in December remember to wrap up WARM. When the boat picks up speed and turns into the wind it can a bit chilly even in summer. In winter it may be chillier than you hope.

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The timetable for the lake boats changes on the 9th of December. Make sure you look at the right page.