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2 weeks Switzerland Itinerary with 4yr Old Toddler

Hello all,
We have booked our flight tickets to Zurich for mid June 2020 for a 15 day vacation in Switzerland from SFO. We are two families (4 adults 2 toddlers who will be 4yrs old) and trying to figure out a good itinerary that will work for both adults and kids (Toddlers: So they shouldn't be bored :-)) .I did look at Rick Steve's two weeks itinerary and involves lots of travelling and not sure if we can cover so much with Toddlers.

1.Can you please suggest 2 weeks itinerary especially with toddlers in mind?

2.My friend (other family) is looking at AirBNB options for stay so that we can get a kitchen to cook some meals.Are there other hotels that you can suggest that won't break the bank but still has a kitchen?

3.I looked at Swiss Travel pass and its $450 per adult for 15 days. I understand getting a pass depends on itinerary but people who did the 15 days itinerary with kids, did you see it to be worth?

4.We are trying to avoid the mad rush in July and Aug so will be reaching Zurich Mid June.Weather is supposed to be at High of 73F. Can you suggest places that we can see so that toddlers don't feel cold all the time. :-)?

Thanks for all your inputs and help!

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Go back to the RS guide and choose two or three places that you would like to use as bases. I think you would enjoy having one of them in the BO in a car free location. I have never been with children, but I believe there is a nice playground above Murren. You would probably all enjoy some walks with mountain views. Wild flowers should be blooming at that time, and there should be some animals to see. If you go up the Schilthorn, they will be able to see snow. It could be chilly in the mountains, but you can dress children in layers including hats and gloves, so they’ll stay warm.

Lucky kiddos! For what its worth, I would consider a 4 year old a preschooler rather than a toddler........which is great, since preschoolers can do so much more! I would probably just go to Wengen or Murren and stay there, venturing farther afield for some day trips, but probably not even do all that much of those. Actually that's pretty close to my plan for when I next go back with my own children, and they are a lot older (9 and 12). One doesn't really get tired of the Berner Oberland.With kids as young as yours, its nice to travel slowly, so that you can build in lots of time for naps, snacks and other meltdown avoidance rest, without missing out on seeing and experiencing the things that you really wanted to. At least, that's how things have worked best for my family..........we all have different ways of moving though. It's also really relaxing to wander around places where there are no cars, and those villages in particular are so family friendly. The playground above Murren (you take the Allmendhubel funicular up) is indeed wonderful, and little ones can play happily there all afternoon, while you steep yourself in the breathtaking views. You can walk back to Murren via the Children's Adventure Trail, which is awesome, and has some fun little surprises for littles. There's also a great top of the world playground up in Mannlichen, just a cable car ride above Wengen. As a day trip, the Ballenberg Folk Museum is fantastic. It's huge, you probably won't be able to see it all in one day, but it is a wonderful celebration of Swiss culture and traditional skills and handicrafts with lots of hands on opportunities.

Hope that helps some!