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2-day cycle loop recommendations

My partner and I are delighted to be travelling to Switzerland for 2 weeks this July. We'll be meeting up with two others while we're there to undertake a 2-day cycle trip. Because we're happy to cycle in any region and because most websites we've read don't compare the different trails, we have not been able to narrow down our search at all. Would you be able to suggest a region, or, even better, a specific loop we could take?

1. We're open to any trail accessible by public transport. That said, we'll be coming from Stein am Rhein and heading to Zermatt afterwards, so ideally we would cycle somewhere that makes geographical sense with this itinerary.
2. We'll be renting bikes, and we're happy to do mountain or road biking.
3. We want to cycle for roughly ~2-4hrs each day—including time to stop for a beer and plenty of stops for photos and a rest.
4. We'll have suitcases, so ideally we would cycle a loop so that we stow this at the start/end point.
5. We want a trail with little-to-no traffic.
6. In terms of difficulty, we are seeking a moderate challenge. We are happy to take on a mountain pass provided the views are worth it, but we're not interested in a route that's too demanding or steep. To put this into perspective, we'd be interested in a route that's half as steep and demanding as the Klausen and Pragel passes, both of which I have done in the past.
7. The San Bernardino Pass and the Kunkelspass were two routes we considered. We couldn’t find a loop for the San Bernadino Pass, and it’s out of the way from both Stein am Rhein and Zermatt. As for the Kunkelspass, the route we found was only a one day loop.
8. We’d love a trail in the countryside, surrounded by echoing cowbells, traditional townships or taverns dotted along the way and classic Swiss scenery, be it the alps or rolling green hills.
9. Although we enjoy riding bikes, we're mostly looking forward to the scenery along the way.
10. We’re going to see the 'best' of Switzerland's scenery after the cycle trip, so we'd prefer to cycle somewhere off the beaten path.
11. With #10 in mind, I’m partial to Appenzell as I’ve heard this area has retained its traditional culture—and has plenty of cows. Rick Steve's book also recommends seeing this area.

I hope that’s enough information.

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There are plenty of routes you could take. What comes to my mind is the rout around Lake Constance (Bodensee). You could do the Untersee or start in Romanshorn (Switzerland) and cycle through Bregenz (Austria) via Lindau to Friedrichshafen (Germany) where you can take a ferry back to Romanshorn. A shorter version might be from Rorschach (Switzerland) to Lindau (Germany) where there is also a ferry linking those towns.

Or, if interested in the French part you could cycle around Lake Murten and maybe even include parts of the lakes Neuchâtel (Estavayer-le-lac, the very nice beach at Yvonand, Yverdon) or towards Lake Biel (Murten, Le Landeron, Twann).

If you prefer rolling hill, there is the "Herzroute Napf" that goes through Willisau, Entlebuch, Emmental (where THE Swiss Cheese comes from). More information, albeit only in German or French can be found under

For general information about cycling in Switzerland, there's

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Thanks for this. Really appreciate it.

Of your suggestions, the Napf route interests me the most. I’ve been around a bit of lake bordensee once before, and since I’m in Switzerland I think I’d prefer not to be in a French speaking region...

The Napf route is a three day route, however, and I have just two days. It does look fantastic though. Any suggestions around Appenzell or near Bern?