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2, 3, or 4 Person Seniors Backpacking Tour In Germany, Switzerland, Tuscany Region of Italy

Would any older solo travelers be interested in what I propose below?:

First, about me: 70 years old, retired, single, in good health, live in Colorado, active, think young. Last year did 2 Rick Tours, Italy and Germany/Austria/Switzerland, loved everything about them, especially the people in the tour group.
Will take more Rick Tours each year going forward ....... have much more exploring of Europe to do, but would rather not do it by myself.

This year, August/September, want to do something different, more adventuresome, than another Rick Tour.
Note: The "backpacking" won't be like young kids do in summer -- would be a little more comfortable as explained below.

I'm proposing this:
3 or 4 of us of similar age, interests, and abilities, wanting to travel but rather not by yourself, would meet up at an agreed location within our travel interests, then travel together for 3 weeks or longer.
Travel would be by regional train mostly, buying economy tickets as we go (definitely not walking everywhere!! ... not that kind of backpacking!!).

Lodging would be a variety of choices, including bed & breakfasts, pensions, some zimmer frei places in smaller communities, every few days perhaps a nice hotel. And yes, why not try a hostel for the experience?.
A few major destinations might be agreed on in advance, reservations made in advance ...... but other destinations would be day-to-day planning.

If a group of 4, and not all in agreement, splitting up into 2's would be OK, then getting back together in the evening would be good.
Any real "backpacking" would be during the day as we see the sights ...... also would carry only small items in backpack such as water, snacks, camera, definitely nothing heavy. Our carry-on luggage would stay at our lodging places, and would go with us on the trains as we change towns.
Also, if one cannot commit to 3 weeks or longer, can end the trip sooner. Same if any personal chemistry or other issues develop, then each can separate from the group.

The benefits of traveling together (as senior citizens) would be safety, security, and assistance to each other if any difficulties arose.
Another benefit would be more fun traveling as a small group, and maybe lead to a similar trip each year.
Also, this can be as low-budget a trip as your budget dictates ...... for myself, I will do low-budget mainly for the challenge of it. The low cost lodging described above fits into the low-budget idea.

Hopefully you get the main idea of this.

If interested, reply back either on this forum thread, or a private message.
If general inquiries, I suggest on this same thread for the benefit of others interested.
Later, more detailed questions, about the trip or each other, could be by the private message mechanism.
As far as getting to know one another, we can start on-line, then start using the phone.
(and if as many as 15 or 20 people are interested, I don't know yet how to handle that!)

Jim Parks, Lone Tree, Colorado.

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