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15 days itinarary

Hi Everyone!
We (4 adults) planning 14 days trip to Switzerland starting in Zurich on August 27. We plan to get a rail pass for 15 days and have a base in Bern, taking day trips to surrounding area (Lucerne, Murten, Interlaken, etc.). So the plan is to spend 2 nights in Zurich, maybe 3 nights in Appenzell and the rest of the time in Bern. At the end of the trip we will either take a train from Bern to Cannes or comeback to Zurich and fly to Nice. Are we missing out since we most likely not able to take panoramic train journeys. I am not sure how to incorporate them into the itinerary.
I would very much appreciate any suggestions and recommendation,
Thank you,

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There are lots of folks on the forum who've spent time in Switzerland a lot more recently than I have, but I think spending so much time in Bern (my favorite largish city in Switzerland) and trying to do a bunch of day trips from there is not ideal. If you hope to take at least a trip or two up into the mountains, it would be prudent to be staying close to the point where you start the climb. Mountain weather is really fickle, and some trips will require you to pay a substantial percentage (or all) of the price of an expensive final leg to the top, even though you have a pass that covers other transportation. The usual advice is to get up early and check the weather situation before buying the tickets. If you are traveling from Bern, the weather might change change while you're on the way.

Rather than day-tripping to Interlaken, how about staying in Lauterbrunnen or higher up in a place like Muerren?

I liked Lucerne, Murten and Appenzell. I think you've got nice variety there, but I believe you can improve your chances as far as the mountain experiences go. And perhaps someone else can suggest a way to include one of the especially scenic rail or postbus trips.

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Skip Zurich and go straight to Appenzell spend 2 nights there. Then go to Luzern spend 2 nights there.
Skip Interlaken and go straight to Murren or Lauterbrunnen and stay there and explore the mountains hiking etc.
Then go to Bern; fly to Nice from Basel the train is 8-10 hours multiple changes too long .

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I also like Jazz's advice. The only thing I'll add is that since you do have a lot of time for Switzerland (lucky you!) I would perhaps carve out a day for Basel if you are going to use if for transportation anyway. It has a lovely and colorful old town and is situated on the Rhine. We enjoyed a day and a half in Basel. We did Bern, which we liked as well, as a day trip from Luzern, but we had spent 3 nights in Luzern.