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14 Days in Switzerland with a peek into France. Any suggestions or Changes?

Ok I think I sorta have it together.
May 26h Fly into Zurich land 10:40 AM head to Luzern (Try to do Rigi or should we do Pilatus Klum)
May 27th See Luzern
May 28thDepart Luzern take Golden Pass to Wengen
May 29th stay in Wengen (Planning activities/what to see)
May 30th stay in Wengen (Planning activities/what to see)
May 31st Depart Wengen head to Montreux
June 1st see Montreux and Greyer (Planning activities/what to see)
June 2nd see Montreux and Greyer (Planning activities/what to see)
June 3rd Depart Montreux to Anncey
June 4th Anncey
June 5th Depart Anncey head to Colmar (stay night)
June 6th Depart Colmar head to Zurich/Schaffhausen Rhen Falls)
June 7th Do Rhen Falls and that area
June 8th Travel back to Zurich
June 9th Fly Home

Ok, this is what I'm thinking. I took out Zermatt, but still back and forth about it. Let me know if you think this looks like we are getting the most out of the trip and if you think it makes sense.

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I’m not sure why you’re doing Colmar. It looks like it’s going to take most of the day to get there. It’s too bad you’re not flying home from Geneva or at least flying from Geneva, connecting in Zurich to home then you could get Zermatt in there. I don’t know why people don’t like Zermatt. Yes, it’s expensive and touristy but it’s a beautiful area of the Alps. I liked Zermatt.

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@margie... I'm not sure why you are assuming I don't want to go to Zermatt or that there is a NEED to go to Colmar. I am making plans not really knowing the greatest use of time, but trying to get in some great experiences with my daughter. Hence the reason I came here to inquire. That is what this forum is for. Your opinions have been read.

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Lol….I don't need caffine. I deal with Kindergartners all day they keep me plenty awake.

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I would skip the Rhine falls / Schaffhausen area. It's nice, but it's nowhere near as dramatic as the rest of the country. I would also skip Colmar in that timeframe.
I would then add a night in Wengen
An perhaps have a 2- to 3-night stay in Bern after Annecy, which would also be a good base for Gruyeres (is that the place you meant by Greyer?).
Zurich airport is easy to reach from Bern if your flight is not too early.

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Aaaa…. hold on there, if you read this forum you would see that there’s been numerous posts by people recommending others NOT go to Zermatt. I happen to like Zermatt and would recommend it. And as for Colmar, I was just pointing out that with your limited time it was going to take a whole lot of time to travel to Colmar for only having a few hours to see it. And yes, these are my opinions and only my opinions. Your title does ask for suggestions or changes, does it not?

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@balso Ok. Gotcha. So I'm going to add a day in Wengen.
As far as Bern goes.... Would you go Wengen (4nights) ... to Anncey (2 nights?) ... to Bern (Settle there for Gruyeres, Montreux and Bern sights)
As far as this itinerary I have going we aren't really doing Zurich, or around Zurich, at all. (once I change it up)..that is unless we land and do Zurich that day and leave the next.
I am, clearly, working with no knowledge of train travel, hence Colmar. This is a High School graduation trip for my daughter and I just want to make sure we make the most of the time in this area.
As far as Zermatt goes:
My concern is more getting the most of the area and rolling the dice on weather and then feeling like we "wasted" any days, but again this is from zero knowledge. I am doing my best to plan solo and not pay anyone...considering Switzerland is gonna break the bank, but WORTH it.

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May 26h Fly into Zurich land 10:40 AM head to Luzern see Luzern
May 27th Rigi or Pilatus Klum?...more of Luzern
May 28thDepart Luzern take Golden Pass to Wengen
May 29th stay in Wengen (Planning activities/what to see)
May 30th stay in Wengen (Planning activities/what to see)
May 31st stay in Wengen
June 1st Depart Wengen head Anncey
June 2nd Stay in Anncey

June 3rd Depart Anncey Head to Bern

June 4th Bern, Gruyeres, Montreux (Plan on basing in Bern and doing day trips..unless someone has another suggestion)

June 5th Bern

June 6th Bern
June 7th Bern
June 8th Bern
June 9th Fly Home 12:40PM Flight

I feel like that is a lot of time in Bern. Possibly add it to Wengen area? Maybe another day in Anncey? or adjust and add another stop?
I have read to stay in Wengen, do the BO area surrounding and we would love we picked Wengen as a base. I'm like....OK.
We will be getting the swiss pass and besides the trip to Anncey I have used the help from here to see all the train routes and time it takes.
How is this looking? I would like to start booking our places to stay next week. So, I have been on here and down a rabbit hole on youtube in my time away from work and my kids activities.

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If I may, I have another suggestion for the end of your trip.
You could go from Annecy to Chamonix to see Mont Blanc. I looked at the lifts, and not all are open but quite a few are. Its an adorable town. From there you could take the train to Zurich at the end of your trip. It's about a 5 hour trip, but it might be a relaxing way to see some beautiful scenery on the day before you fly home.

I think you are right about Zermatt. It's a long way to go if the weather is bad. I went on a whim at this same time of year. I cut a day off another area, because the weather looked great. I wasn't disappointed, but I did get lucky.