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hiking in Berner Oberland

Our group of 5 will be doing the Northface Trail and the Mannlichen to Kleine Scheidegg hike between Sept. 10-13. What type of clothing/gear is best for this area that time of year? Any other advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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September is usually warm and dry, but you can never completely rule out rain and colder weather... or even a little dusting of snow.

I generally don't wear anything special for summer hiking, other than a decent pair of boots. I keep a light water resistant jacket in my pack, but that's about all. Even if the weather is a little on the cool side, the physical exercise of hiking raises my body temperature high enough that I'm soon sweating. I don't bother with water-proofing. If rain hits, you're going to get soaked anyway. Water proof clothes just make you sweat more. The best defense against rain is simply to budget enough days so that your itinerary doesn't lock you in to hiking on one or two particular days. But going in September is probably just about the best hedge as you can get against wet weather.

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I agree, that layers are the way to go. I usually have a windbreaker/rain repellant type of jacket, a t-shirt or tank top plus a long-sleeved shirt, a fleece jacket or vest, hat or buff, and even gloves for the colder mornings and elevations. If/when the days warm up, you can stash any extras in your day bag.

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Our family did this hike about two weeks ago. It was one of our favorite hikes. My suggestion is to where zip offs, use a hat, and wear good hiking boots. Toward the end of the hike you have a choice before you get to Gimilwald--the longer way or the shorter steeper way past a waterfall. The waterfall way is steep but very worth it, you walk behind the waterfall on the trail. Enjoy!