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Christmas in Switzerland

Hello everyone
Following 3 nights in Ardez (Swiss national park) we plan to travel to either Wilderswil or Beatenberg as a base for 3 nights over Christmas period. Not sure which would be the best option for our family. We will be relying on public transport.
Determined to be in view of snow on Christmas Day even if it means train travel.

many thanks

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I've just never seen the attraction of Wilderswil. It's just a stop between Interlaken Ost and the gorgeous Lauterbrunnen Valley area. Don't know why anyone would go to Wilderswil when another 5 minutes on the train gets you to drop dead beautiful scenery.

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We love Beatenberg. The view across the lake to those majestic peaks is stunning and such an incredible panorama. I could sit on a balcony for hours with a glass of wine in hand just soaking in the view. That being said, the community is mostly newer development so lacks that old-world charm that some of the other mountain towns (Murren, Gimmelwald) have. If you stay in Beatenberg, you get a Visitor's Card that allows you to use public transportation within Beatenberg for free.

I agree with the other posters ... I don't see why you would stay in Wilderswil when you can get so much further up into the mountains.

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I think it's always good advice to stay at the most attractive/scenic spot, even if it's small, or because it's small, rather than day-tripping from a larger town.