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13 days swiss itenary in Aug

Urgent help required. I have heard great reviews about this site. We are 3 adults and 3 teenagers (17, 13 & 13 years) traveling for 23 days. After spending a week in Austria an Germany, we will be going to Switzerland for 13 days.
1) please give day by day itenary keeping in mind that v are more into scenic beauties
2) will swiss saver pass for 15 days be the best
3) do you recommend extra money spent to glacier express
4) which is the closest swiss border from garmische / Munich.
4) v plan from 15 Aug 1 day vienna, 2 days salzburg, 2 days garmische, 1 day Munich. On 21st Aug, travel to Switzerland. Does this seem ok
Urgent help please

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  1. Get a guide book and figure out where you want to go and see. Pretty much everywhere is plenty scenic.
  2. Without a detailed itinerary, can't say, but likely to be a good option for care free travel. The 17 year old travels as an adult, but get a free Swiss Family Card and the 13 year olds travel free. So you would need 4 Saver Passes.
  3. The same route can be done using regular trains, but you'll need to change trains a couple of times. The advantage of the Glacier Express is it is direct, and they have little head sets that give a multilingual narration of the sights you are passing. With a Swiss Pass, you only need to pay for the reservation fee for each person.
  4. Depends. St Margethen most of the time, but could be Buchs if you arrive on the Railjet from Innsbruck, or Schaffhausen, or even Rorschach if arriving on the ferry from Lindau.
  5. a. Use the hourly Westbahn train to get from Vienna to Salzburg. About 100 euro total without a reservation. If you want to reserve seats, that's extra.

b. Use the Bayern Ticket to travel between Salzburg, Munich, Garmisch, and German border. 39 euro per day total, after 9 am weekdays, all day week ends, no express trains.

c. Cheapest way to Switzerland is apt to be to use the Bayern Ticket to Lindau, then 4 pm ferry to Rorschach. Swiss Pass gives a 50% discount for the ferry.