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10 days in Switzerland

I have a few questions that maybe you could help me with. Maybe you could help with just one or all of them.

  1. I'd like to maximize our time (obviously), so I was wondering if it's feasible to land in Zurich after an overnight flight and push it to travel to Murren the same day. I know it would be exhausting, but we're not that interested in hanging around Zurich. We want to get into the mountains ASAP.

  2. Is it worth leaving from Geneva to at least see something of both Geneva and Zurich?

  3. I'd like to spend a few days down near a lake and not only open in the clouds, just for a difference in perspective. Is Lake Brienz or Kandersteg worth a few days? Oeschinen seems beautiful, but I don't know if Kandersteg is worth the days to see it. Same thing for Lake Brienz.

Thanks for your help!


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1. Yes. Assuming you're coming from N America. Since you would be arriving in Zurich in the morning, you won't be able to check in to a hotel (assuming you would stay in a hotel) until the afternoon anyway. And since you need to adjust to the new time zone by staying awake that day, you might as well get on a train for a few hours and get to your real destination. Mürren worth all the time you can get.
2. Yes. Geneva is much nicer than Zurich, IMO. Or just as conveniently, stay in Lausanne. Lake Geneva is certainly scenic enough.

3. No input on these places.

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  1. People do it all the time...but you're right; you'll be exhausted but if you just keep pushing forward you'll make it. Just don't try to drive!
  2. Yes! I personally love Geneva and think it's worth a day of your time. Zurich, not so much.
  3. Kandersteg is stunning. If you can stay at one of the traditional inns on the Oeschinensee at the top of the gondola you will have an amazing view. The mountains surrounding the lake are truly spectacular! I don't know if I would want to spend more than a day there as there isn't much to do besides hike around the lake and eat some very good regional food. Many people swim in the lake but it's VERY cold! I haven't been to Lake Brienz so I'll leave that to someone who knows!
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Hey RodA,

  1. I regularly start my trips by flying into Zurich and heading out to Murren and I don't find it all that tiresome. The train ride is a couple of hours and very relaxing. Just remember to take the train to Interlaken Ost (not Interlaken West) to meet up with the local train into the mountains ("Lauterbrunnen" coach). If your room isn't ready (it will be early afternoon at this point), you can usually leave your luggage and head out into the town. If the day is nice (I am usually there in October and I am always amazed at how warm it might be with the sun out), find an outdoor restaurant patio and sit back with a beer or coffee and a snack and take it all in. I love those first moments being back in the mountains again!

  2. Have not been to Geneva.

  3. I always make it a point to take the boat rides on the Brienzersee and the Thunersee and have wondered what it would be like to stay in one of the small towns on these lakes. All the hotels I see seem to have great views. I especially wonder what it would be like to stay at the Grandhotel Giessbach on the Brienzersee up that hill. It just looks so spectacular sitting up there. Maybe someone has stayed there and can comment. I think these lakes would be worth a couple of nights staying on either. Am not familiar with the other locations. Hope you have a great trip!

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Anita- My wife and I are keen to do a good bit of hiking, so maybe a couple extra nights for us would be good. Is it cumbersome to get there from Murren?

Tom- Thanks. The mountains are why we're headed there, but the lakes look just as lovely. I'll look more into the options there.