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1 Day trip to Mount titlis from Zurich

Hi, I am planning trip 3 friends 1 day trip to Mt. Titlis and Lucerne. Please assist with the best choice for cost-saving and convenience?



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Information about Titlis and the cable cars to get to the top is here:
You will go via Luzern and change trains there, but it is a full day to get from Zürich to the top of Titlis and back, you will have no spare time to see around Luzern. It is about 2½ hours from Zürich to the summit.
For times and prices from Zürich, see: Just enter from: Zürich HB, to: Titlis
You can get discounts with Swiss Passes or half-price cards, but unless you are planning other trips it is probably not worth buying a discount card just for this trip.

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Thank you Mr.Chris. Can I book cable cars on arrival in engelberg or it requires any advance reservation. have checked some tour packages and understand the time will get in mountain is less with tour packages.

Total cost difference for both tour package and self is 100 USD for 3 adults considering the first time visit.

Which one do you suggest.


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Hello karthik9ms,
I would suggest doing this by yourself by train from Zürich. Then you can spend as much time as you like at the top of the mountain.
No reservation is needed. Just go to Zürich station and tell them where you want to go. It is about 15 minutes walk from Engelberg station to the cable car station.

I don't understand "Total cost difference for both tour package and self is 100 USD for 3 adults". They don't use USD here in Switzerland. Which is cheaper? gives prices in Swiss Franks.

And, looking at the bigger picture, why are you starting from Zürich? If you are visiting Switzerland, Zürich is not the best place to stay.

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Thanks. Initially the plan was Brussels but now skipped and adding Zurich in the itinerary.. It's as short 2 days stay ..want to visit titlis one day...have comapred your package from and train prices from SBB (supersaver tickets)

Can we book supersaver tickets online or on arrival at station...which one is cheaper..

Thank you for your time.

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After reading a lot of ideas here on the forum, and taking Chris's advice, our family decided to make Luzern our home base, and only be in Zurich to catch our flight home. We traveled by train from Paris to Luzern and directly on to Engelberg, spent two excellent nights there with one spectacular trip to the top of Mt. Titlis. Then we returned to Luzern and spent three nights there exploring, and taking a lovely lake cruise to Weggis on a paddlewheel steamer. The train from Luzern to Zurich was fast, and frequent departure times - so we traveled from Luzern directly to the Zurich airport to connect with our flight home. Perhaps we'll explore Zurich another time - but we loved our Engelberg/Luzern combination.

Also, I agree with setting your own timetable for the trip to Titlis. It was wonderful to stay there as long as we liked - we packed a picnic and ate it in the Panorama room, and were able to explore the area thoroughly at our own pace. Then, on the way down, we got off the cable car at Trubsee to hike a bit and see the beautiful lake. We were surrounded by cows with bells ringing, and also had a chance to row a boat out on the lake, while part of our family relaxed on hammocks on the lake shore, by the wildflowers! We could have also chosen to rent Trotti bikes to ride down the trail - opted to skip that - but it was really nice to do what we wanted, free of a tour group timetable and crowds moving en masse.


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Any chance that you are not arriving from North America? I think that most of my colleagues here assume that you are.

Also, what time of the year is this trip planned for? Depending on that, there may be additional advice.