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Swiss grocery markets with very good food halls

Grocery chains such as Migros, Coop and many Manor dept stores have vg
Self serve Cafeteria-like restaurants. Reasonably priced, fresh, wide selection, and tasty.
A great alternate to pricey swiss bistros or restaurants.

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We agree! We traveled in June of this year with a 6 year old picky eater. This is where the majority of our meals were bought. We did eat in the beautiful cafeteria in Zurich's Manor Department Store (delicious with such a wide variety of food). In Lucern we ate at "tidbits" (vegan restaurant in train station). Even though we aren't vegan, they had great variety of food that was tasty.

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Great tip for people who missed this advice in RS's book. We, too, ate most of our meals at the store cafeterias throughout our travels through Switzerland. A great alternative to the pricey restaurants in Switzerland. We did, though, splurge on fondue for two meals.

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The migros and coops are THE way to go for both cafeteria food and grocery stores. Don't forget to buy some bottles of wine, too. Try the Swiss wines - they're very good and you'll probably not find them anywhere outside of Switzerland as the Swiss do not export their wine.